Bianca Bosker’s “Cork Dork,  A Wine-Fueled Adventure” hit a home run, with this book. I’ve been in a lot of situations, like hers in her story, so it’s all very believable.

What a joyful story of learning the who, what, when, and where of the quirky inner sanctum of sommeliers.. Bianca is a down to earth SOMM, who’s a great teacher for the fun nuances of wine. She also writes about architecture, which complements her in a yin yang way… Science and emotion, all wrapped up into one very funny person. What a great sense of humor I found, throughout the book.

Page 46: Now, you can sip. Swish the wine around your mouth, then purse your lips like you’re about to say “oh no” and – oh no is right – suck in air over the wine so it feels like it’s bubbling over your tongue. “Aerating” the wine, the official term for wine snobs’ slurping, helps release its odor molecules, which combine with taste to form flavor. You’ll look ridiculous and probably lose friends, but you’ll get more from your wine.

When I watched the movie SOMM and then wrote about it; yeah, becoming a sommelier is a lot like the first edition of the movie. The second movie was far from being a navel gazer. Women, besides the one serving the menfolk, were absent in number 1. By number two they had friend Dr. Carole Meredith as a resource. This story of Bianca’s is in that progression. What she adds to the court is a jester, and we all know how close they were to the king. She’s a breath of fresh air, in this wine world.

Page 23: “Wine,” declared the nineteenth-century novelist Alexander Dumas, “is the intellectual part of the meal.”

Bianca now knows that if someone really will focus, the talent is there. I agree partly with her, only in the way that there is so very much to learn, you never do arrive. If your passion is to be a sommelier, you must go on the same type of journey that Bianca had… with your own quirky nuances along the way… And,  that day… that day, it all paid off.

Before penning her thoughts, Bianca went on a very intriguing adventure… into the back room, inner-sanctums of the privileged few. Her adventures are hilarious. Her skill at finding the inroads, with the right people by her side, got her where she wanted to go… She’s a Cork Dork.

Loved this book. If I gave out stars, from one (lowest) to five (highest), Bianca would get a six.