WINE WOMEN seeks North Bay women working in the wine industry to take their Compensation Survey by May 31, 2017.

Having just held its first Equal Pay Day event at Napa Valley College’s Performing Arts Center, the professional trade organization developed their survey as an outcome of their speakers’ discussion at the event they held on April 4.

The Gender Pay Gap is projected not to [become] close in the U.S. for at least another two to five generations. WINE WOMEN aims to help reduce the gap through its women-focused events, career training, and exposure of pay disparity practices which hinder women from asking for and receiving fair compensation in the workplace.

WINE WOMEN’s two Human Resource forums report that salary inequity is a big issue under regular discussion in their meetings. “Employers and employees often perpetuate the problem of pay inequity without realizing it, unfortunately,” stated Christine L. Mueller, WINE WOMEN president. “By casting light on the issue and outlining what steps can be taken to diminish the inequity, we can begin to close the gap. Our survey is a step in the right direction, as there is no organization or firm that focuses solely on women’s compensation in the wine industry.” Mueller noted that Wine Business Monthly conducts its own annual compensation survey, but its findings are not always available to all employees of wine-related businesses, and it focuses on both men’s and women’s compensation—a good baseline for pay levels by job position.

As research for WINE WOMEN’s Equal Pay Day event, the organization conducted a survey on women’s pay and job discrimination in advance of the event. They received numerous reports from women in the wine industry of job and pay discrimination. “During an interview, the hiring manager (male) indicated that he preferred to hire a man for the job because they were ‘more reliable,’” indicated one respondent. Another stated, “I [was told I] wouldn’t receive a bonus because I had not been an employee for a full year. However, …two new male employees who had been there less time than I, were both receiving bonuses. Of course I raised Holy Hell on this and received a generous bonus.” This pattern of disparity and discrimination was reported numerous times in the survey.

WINE WOMEN’s Compensation Survey is for women only and is completely anonymous. “It took me less than a minute to complete. And we’ve made it available as a pop-up on our home page,” stated Ms. Mueller. “With many companies discouraging employees from discussing compensation or disclosing how compensation is calculated and awarded, women employees have few resources to turn to in order to measure where they stack up against their peers. We hope women working in the wine business will participate in our survey to help build gender-centric data points for future resource.”


WINE WOMEN’s mission is “To champion the advancement of women’s careers in the wine industry by building strong relationships, essential business skills and leadership among members.” At the core of the new 501(c)(3) nonprofit professional organization’s activities are programs focused on providing the tools, guidance and creativity for members to attain industry prominence.

For more information about WINE WOMEN, visit: or call 707.996.8740. Visit WINE WOMEN’s Facebook page, WineWomenOrg, or find them on Twitter @WineWomenOrg. For membership information, email Ellen Reich Luchtel, Membership Director, at For complete details on their events calendar, visit: their event’s list. (Click here)