I just read this from another writer. I’m holding off identity. If I get permission, I’m happy to share. (Inquiry has gone out.) Please keep in mind, this is exactly where people have been finding a pothole in the road, when it comes to Petite Sirah. Someone wrote it, ever so long ago, and it’s been perpetuated ever sense. It’s a way of thinking, that’s had me perplexed; because, once I heard about it, my world just began to expand for this heritage variety. Hence, what was written…

I like the grape, but amongst consumers I talk with, it gets confused with Syrah. For some odd reason, it is often overlooked too. I don’t recall the last time one of the wine shops I visit, including [insert retailer here], poured one at the weekend tastings. On the bright side, many shops carry a number of affordable Petite Sirah examples – so not a big investment for something you may thoroughly enjoy.

Yeah, he’s right about the investment part. And he’s right about the enjoy part. He’s right about the value. And, he’s right that so few people know what it is.

And I start to think, Petite ages more beautifully and gracefully (yes, it can be grateful, and elegant, even).

I’m over thinking that Petite Sirah is completely in the shadows anymore… a paradigm shift, a coming out party is slowly emerging. There are only 11,000 acres of it planted in the US, for instance [and the US is the largest grower in the world].

Here’s the scoop… Here’s the first-line thinking… [Here’s the game changer.]

How can it possibly be as exposed as a Chardonnay or Cabernet, for instance? The acres… No comparison. It’s like seeing sparrows in the city, instead of red-tailed hawks above a fog line.

In the crowd, it’s not one of a cluster of gems, it is “the” gem, in a historical kinda way. It’s the real deal, and it’s the one that everyone steals from, to put more glitter in their critter. A percent of this; a piece of that, Oh, but when it’s 100 percent present, it is the present.

Yeah, so now everyone can just steal away to find the real deal. It’s the one that rarely gets sent to wine critics. Why risk it biscuit? They sell it to winery visitors… It becomes “Wine of the Month” in newsletters and private deals. They sell it during special wine events… It slips out the back door, leaving their 400-case slot for Petite empty, very quickly, I hear from my treasured sources.

She’s a vixen, a very confident, humble, brilliant vixen.

Thanks for letting me find my way in thinking, Sir. I’ve been pondering this mysterious and elusive vamp for a long time now… Trying to see the path through the thicket.

It just came to me, and now you. This is how you should treat this tasting… Look at her this way from now on. You’ll really have fun with it. I know I will…

She’s the globe, not the bottle.