Wine Cans ~ First and Foremost

Waxing poetic from my own experiences of pitching the concept. As a PR person, I’m finding that wine writers haven’t quite bought into the concept yet, except – that is – for the early adopters. But… BIG but… this is normal and typical for how new concepts – in anything – develop. So, I’m not surprised.

When I saw my first wine in cans EVER, it was the Francis Ford Coppola “Sophia.” I thought, “What a gimmick.” (I wasn’t an early adopter at that time.)

Then, they’ve been creeping into the market place, and they’re not going away. When we look at how many brands there are now, the convenience (for me, thinking around the pool with the recycle bin close by) I’ve become sold. One by one, people will become sold. There’s room for Chateau Margaux, and there’s room for wine in cans.

Just look at this graph! Nielsen has done the research, and what more evidence does anyone need? Just look at this Nielsen chart.

Wine Cans ~ Factoids

In a can, it’s all about convenience, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. This is why, for instance, the topic will be heating up (sorry for the pun, not sorry) this summer, once again.

Someday most of us will all look back and wonder what was the big deal? (Plastic corks, stelvin closures, glass corks, et al.)

Not intended to be a Millennial thing, per se; although, Millennials are still very exploratory and are the age demographic to be more open to anything new. They’ve all recently left home and are out on their own, mostly bucking “the establishment.” Their enjoying wine in a can certainly says, “This is NOT your daddy’s wine,” right?

As we head toward spring (yeah, I, too, have cabin fever), I’m forward thinking.

Here’s the deal… How many people watch sports? How many people don’t watch sports? Probably half and half? Not sure.

I’m in the latter group, because sports for me is getting up and doing yoga most mornings, and I know I’m really in the minority with that one. And so are those who are watching sports with friends, a partner, at a sports party, etc., with a wine glass in their hand, while everyone else has a beer can.

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Wine Cans ~ Examples of Use

  • Any and all sporting events
  • Tailgate parties, before events start
  • Team championships ~ the most fun
  • Sailing the open seas
  • Perfect for Barbecues
  • Hiking along the coastline
  • Fits well into beach coolers
  • Poolside convenience
  • Festivals for carry in and carry out
  • Camping with no muss – no fuss
  • Picnic baskets will never be the same
  • Skiing, I have one friend who loves them on the slopes (Will they replace the St. Bernard?)

Wine Cans ~  Safety

Then, there’s always those who wonder if these cans are safe. It’s okay, the same held true for beer cans, ever so long ago. I’ve got that covered for you, too:

  • Cans designed to carry wine have the highest of standards in the canning of wine process
  • They have a special internal coating seal for high-quality wines
    • Insures integrity and a shelf-life of at least twelve months
    • They’re air-tight, preventing oxidation of any sort
    • They’re light-proof, also preventing oxidation

And how about the environment?

  • Endlessly recyclable, with no loss to its quality
  • Space efficiency
  • Wine in 187 ml cans produces fewer transport related CO2 emissions than other packaging formats,
    • This includes all larger size cans

Wine Cans ~ A Client

Since I work with The Rubin Family of Wines (they have the 187 ml cans), I’ve learned how cute, these cans are. In fact, that’s when The Rubin Family of Wines decided to use Pam’s Un-Oaked Chardonnay in those little ones, when someone called them a “cutie,” the name stuck as Pam’s Cuties. They fit right into the palm of your hand. Too much fun!