[PHOTO Gratis: Safari West,  taken by Judy Bellah]

For those of you who love wine country’s other charms…

On April Fools’ Day – Saturday, April 1st – Safari West is playing around and putting a different spin on their Safari Tours. They all felt that it’s a good time to clown around and have some fun. They’ve invited some special Sonoma County celebrities to get in on the silliness. One of them will be your escort, and that person will assist their tour guides for the safari. (They’re even including a few jokes to make their animals smile!)

On safari you’ll see creatures of all stripes, spots and colors, gathered there in a natural sanctuary of inclusion. It doesn’t matter how fast they run, how long their fur, whether they can fly, climb, or just lope. All creatures, great, small, pawed, clawed or hoofed, live and play side by side by side; where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day (unless it’s raining, of course).

On this tour, you’re sure to learn some wild and bold alternative facts! Giraffes are not tall; lemurs are actually taller. Sloths are much faster than cheetahs. Zebras have no stripes, impalas were named after the car, and much more!

The adventure will continue until you arrive at the Watusi Overlook. There, take a break from the all the untamed hubbub, sit back and relax, pop a few corks, and enjoy some honest cheese and small bites, along with a smashing tasting of genuine wines.

They’re dubbing the tour ‘Alternative Facts Day’ – made up facts – wild and bold as possible! And, it’s all for a good cause – Celebrating Diversity in our Community. The celebrities will choose an organization in Sonoma County to receive a donation. It is a diverse world after all!

It’s long overdue that you should learn the real facts… giraffes sleep 15 hours per day lying on their backs with their legs sticking up in the air!

Happy April Fools’ Day!