Sparkling wine from Oregon? A new one for me, I have to admit. So this was intriguing.

How was it? Evolution Sparkling Wine was a delightful surprise. I really shouldn’t have been surprised, though. I first met people from Sokol Blosser Winery, the parent company, when I was producing Pinot Gris symposiums for our client Oak Knoll Winery. The winemaking team was knowledgeable and very credible. So, to shift gears into non-vintage Méthode Champenois, why not, when it’s this yummy? I suggest you try their tiny bubbles for yourself.

Evolution Sparkling wants you to celebrate all of the time.

Who says sparkling wine should only be opened on special occasions? And what exactly is the definition of a special occasion? Exactly. Well we’re here to tell you that the act of celebration has evolved and things have changed. With the launch of Evolution Sparkling, you can now celebrate everything all the time. Sun came up? Celebrate. Sun went down? Celebrate. Someone invited you over for Beef Wellington or beef sliders? Bring a bottle and celebrate. Think about it. Anything can be celebrated, if you put your mind to it. So from now on, just remember this simple rule: When in doubt, celebrate!

As my husband likes saying, when people ask him how he is, “I woke up this morning. So, everything’s great.” Along these lines… this Evolution Sparkling is a delicious little house wine to just keep in the fridge, because who knows when that joyous feeling (like waking up again) is going to hit you. A smile, a phone call…

  • We’re engaged!
  • We’re going to have a baby!
  • I’m getting a puppy!
  • I got a 4.0 this semester!
  • It stopped raining!
  • The snow is melting!

I could go on… you get the point. For us, it was dance night, and the bubbles made it more fun. According to E Evolution ~ Pop. Pour. Celebrate.

E Wines Philosophy

Since its introduction by Dundee, Oregon based Sokol Blosser Winery in 1998, Evolution has evolved into something of a phenomenon. Its fan base gives meaning to the word “loyal” and is spread all over North America, Europe and Asia. At the time, there were very few white blends on the market, and Evolution tapped into the niche that would become an important segment of the wine business. As word spread and Evolution made the rounds, it enjoyed extraordinary popularity. The packaging and the price have attracted drinkers more interested in great tasting wine, affordability and having a good time than trying to impress friends at the next dinner party.

Our goal is to make a wine that appears simple – easy drinking, relaxing – but in reality is quite complex.

While Millennials might take issue with this describing them, it surely is who they are becoming… loyal (when they like it), having a great time with wine (always), a complex blend of “Not Your Daddy’s Chardonnay.” It all works really well for them, and for me.