For this, we all need a glass of wine, to completely relax into it. Get one, sit down, and have a Friday read…

I wrote this one so many months ago on a note pad. I wish I had dated it. It was prior to the elections, I can tell you that much.

I titled it, Donald Trump’s Marketing Plan, and then I watched it unfold into his complete success…

  1. No advertising. (No jobs created.)
  2. Take advantage of news time, by calling news conferences. (Free advertising.)
    1. Say something totally outrageous during the conference. (Confiscation, odious move.)
    2. News spreads the word for you.
    3. It will be debated for a week on prime time by news talking heads. (More free advertising.)
    4. When news calms down, Repeat.
  3. Repeat forever to make it a “truth.”
  4. Be late for those meetings, too, because it drags out the drama to the next advertising cycle, as many times as possible. (“What could he possible be saying this time?” you hear them think.)
    1. Still no money spent on advertising.
    2. No jobs created, by the guy who talks about bringing jobs back to America.
  5. Bring in high profile wannabes, to open for you.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Repeat.
  8. Repeat.
  9. Start over.

Today, it’s months later from that cycle. Now we’ve entered a new cycle. The marketing plan worked, including with the help of nefarious outside influences, and news channels who were completely sucked in, that we know.

I don’t endorse this plan. I’m sharing, because I’ve just have found it to be a completely new strategy that I’ve never seen in operation before. The jury is still out on how it will play out; and how it might be used in the future, since it got its desired results – bigly.