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With so many options, I remember reading once, “I can enjoy food and wine everyday, with all of the offers out there.” I thought, “yup.” I also don’t usually advocate for events I haven’t attended (yet). This one, however, given the who, what, when, and where, I don’t have to attend to tell you about it. If you do attend, I’m quite sure it’s going to be fabulous. I’ve worked in Napa Valley, have clients – present and past – in Napa Valley, I know the heart and soul of it. It’s come into its own. This is why it’s world renown.

So, it’s that time of year again; i.e., time to indulge in the winemaking and culinary arts of St. Helena, with the Napa Valley epicenter for food and wine…

Who: 35 wineries pouring wines from Appellation St. Helena
What: Wine and food pairing competition
Where: Culinary Institute at Greystone, St. Helena, CA
When: April 1st, 6 to 8:30 PM

From ASH’s Press Release

On Saturday, April 1, Appellation St. Helena (ASH) is hosting the premiere annual wine and food pairing event, bASH. This party annually draws repeat attendees from all over the country. It provides guests with an incomparable opportunity to taste wines from one of Napa Valley’s most respected viticultural areas, alongside the culinary power players of the region. Energy is always high from attending guests these, while sampling the pairings prepared by each ASH winery and culinary team. And you guys get to vote for your top three favorites. (Good engagement…)

bASH is a celebration of the legacy of acclaimed St. Helena winemaking, which began in the mid-1800s. It began and continues to be with Napa Valley’s most innovative vintner leaders; as well as contemporary cohort of vintners, featuring some of the most famous cult wine vineyards and winemakers in the world. It also highlights the incredible chefs that bring added celebrity to the community. At the 2016 bASH there were bites served by the following:

This year attendees can expect over 30 winery/chef teams, who will be showing off an array of their most lauded ASH wines and pairings.

ASH represents more than 50 St. Helena wineries and 20 wine growers. It presents bASH, in partnership with the Culinary Institute at Greystone, Sunshine Foods Market, and the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce.

Tickets are $125.00, and are available on the ASH web site.

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