FOREWORD: I was contacted by Visme to share this info graphic. It hadn’t been until I’d written this blog, however, that I fully understood how this company has incredible opportunities for wine companies. You can now personalize amazing presentations, create infographics, and enhance other engaging content for your staff, marketing materials, and for your consumers. Visme is a secret weapon to present your ideas visually, most especially for those visual learners. I already have an idea that I want to see come to life, now that I’ve totally “got it.” Enjoy, people, and think of the marketing opportunities at your finger tips.

Become a Wine God in Four Easy Steps

Wine Blog is a personal journal from a wine publicist; therefore, there have been few and far between entries by others; although I’m asked all of the time, by people who want to contribute. Once in a great while, something comes along that has true merit. So, now I’m introducing what was going to be this blog post. Just prior to finishing it, I had the above epiphany.

As a wine educator, this infographic passes the test of “will it be worth it for curious wine consumers?” Not everyone has time to jump into a sophisticated program, like Wine Sommeliers, Master of Wine, etc. Not everyone is at that level yet, either. And, more important is that visual learners will find this their best tool.

Once, someone criticized a wine 101 entry on this blog. I explained to the commentor there are some people just beginning. This person obviously expected more from me. As a wine educator, though, I’ll take any great opportunity to help spread the word of how to enjoy wine. This includes when a novice wants to begin the journey of wine.

The following infographic was made by using Visme. I endorse it as being a great start for anyone wanting some wine 101 tips. You might even consider this for a tasting room, for training and for inquisitive wine consumers.