Jose Diaz and I are pleased to announce that Cathy Huyghe of Enolytics is the recipient of 2016’s Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award. With her expertise in analyzing consumerism and the wine industry’s facts and figures, to better understand today’s wine market, Cathy joins the ranks of those whom we’ve watched develop into the wine industry’s top industry innovators.

Enolytics Mission

Enolytics is committed to bringing the power of big data to the wine industry.  We help companies visualize their own data, and we also aggregate multiple sources of data on wine consumers. Never before has such vast amounts of data been available. And never before has it been pulled together, across multiple platforms, in order to build a more unique, powerful, and complete view of wine consumer sentiment and behavior.

In 2009, Jose Diaz and I not only watched who was a leading innovator, but we also felt, as seasoned veterans, that we should bring attention to up-and-coming individuals within the wine industry, who clearly demonstrate serious innovative leadership. From 2009 until 2012, it was very obvious to see who these new innovation leaders were:

For the next four years we didn’t see anyone easily popping out the way that Lisa, Rick, Evan, and Paul had. Still, we watched and waited for that slice of extraordinary effort from 2012 on.

KISMET: In 2014, our client Ron Rubin (The Rubin Family of Wines) told me that he would like to have a story about his winery’s Feng Shui’s design and reconstruction. I went searching for who would be the right person to pitch. Meanwhile, I also remembered Ron saying, I’d like to see it in Forbes. I searched Forbes + Wine and fell upon Cathy Huyghe‘s name.

I pitched her and she was intrigued. I didn’t know that she has design in her background of studies; so, of course she showed interest for a unique hook in a wine story. Kismet!

From her bio:

Cathy received a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard in 2004 and a second master’s degree in Journalism in 2010, also from Harvard.

Next, she told me that she would be coming to Santa Rosa on April 29, 2016. It would be a perfect opportunity to meet for breakfast at The Vintner’s Inn. I also contacted the late Barbara Lyons Stewart, our Feng Shui designer. (This was prior to Barbara’s recent passing.) We met for breakfast.

It was like we had all known each other, since the beginning of time. Barbara and I were there to help Cathy in any way she needed with images, the story idea of its unique point of view, and Feng Shui philosophies. The result was this great story for The Rubin Family of wines: Texture, Balance, Finish: The Wine Tasting…Experience, Feng Shui Style. It was during this meeting that I knew Cathy was much more than a passing ship in the night. We stayed in touch and shared info back and forth.

Trademarking “Enolytics” in February 2016, Cathy Huyghe launched a story on March 3, 2016: Introducing Enolytics: Facing Down The Wine Industry’s Elephant In The Room. Even though we met a month after this story was published, we didn’t talk about her new venture during our meeting about Feng Shui; but, it didn’t take long before Cathy and I were discussing it. Then, I got her E-Mail newsletter and asked permission to share on my blog… wanting to see her succeed and also to tell the world about her efforts: Measuring the immeasurable is shocking ~ Enolytics. Diaz Communications was now really paying attention. And, I stayed focused on what Cathy’s been learning and sharing. I even participated in a survey just today, before I began to write what I knew was my assignment for today…

I take this Harvard grad very seriously. With my own family Harvard legacy (I’m from Maine and the Boston area), I know well the intellectualism that comes from this prestigious region, and it’s Cathy’s to use and enjoy.

Congratulations, Cathy Huyghe, for your earning the 2016 Diaz Communications Innovator of the Year Award!