PS I Love You began in October, 2002. Today this Petite Sirah advocacy is still actively educating. It’s 14 years later. Early on, when I’d help wine writers to understand that Petite Sirah is not spelled with a “Y,” I’d mostly get people thanking me for the education. I do remember correcting one person, however, who was furious with me… “Why didn’t you tell me BEFORE I wrote my story?”

That one amused me, because had been live for at least five years at the time, and this person was a very visible wine educator. My thought, but not response, was “Why didn’t you do a couple minutes of research, before you wrote your story?”

Then, just as things were moving along pretty smoothly, Web 2.0 hit. I was back to square one. Everyone was now a wine writer. They mostly didn’t have any history, but off they went, along with the “Y” all over again. And, I began anew.

Again, people would thank me and we had more people being educated about the “i” versus the “y,” and understanding.

Fast Forward to Today

If I’ve told one writer, I have told at least 50, in the last couple of years. What do I get back in response? Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Not one single person responds to his or her email. I’ve come to realize that all of these people querying me to be on my wine blog with their own stories relevant to wine have pseudonyms, and the people who hire them at five cents per hour have zero interest in putting out what’s real and what’s imaginary.

Fake News is a Happening Thing

Here’s My Latest… No Response

And, the irony is so painful

She wrote:

Do not confuse either [Syrah and Shiraz] with Petite Syrah, that is a totally different wine and flavor profile, which we will explore later.

So, I wrote:

Hi, Jacquelyn,

Thanks for your story on Petite Sirah. If I may….

The TTB has helped with the confusion. They no long accept Petite Syrah – with the “y” – as a synonym for Petite Sirah. Nor does the TTB allow for any more labeling of Petite Sirah with the “y.” (There might be a couple left that are grand fathered in, but I really doubt it.)

In France, Petite Syrah is a variation of the Syrah grape, so it all makes sense to stop the practice in the US.

Only Petite Sirah – worldwide – is Petite Sirah.

Syrah – the father grape – was crossed with Peloursin – the mother grape = offspring ~ Petite Sirah. Dr. Carole Meredith of UC Davis has identified the DNA fingerprinting. I can connect you, if you’d like.

This could also help your readers become less confused, when it’s not spelled with the Y. It’s still a common mistake, even though I’ve been fighting the good fight for the last 15 years. Thanks. Perhaps when I’m dead and gone!

Nothing. I’m listening for a pin to drop… Nothing.

If you are a writer about wine, an educator about wine, a sommelier/master of wine, etc., or an advocate of wine and want to help others… “i” before you even think of using a “y.”

Please and thanks, and you’re welcome, in advance.