Bordeaux 101, my stages of discovery for the past year. Since this is a birthday for me, and my last year was devoted to learning more about Bordeaux, today I’m sharing my Bordeaux 101, for anyone else so inspired.

Now I’m going into a new region: Verona, Italy, for 2017. Today is my cross over, thanks to #IAMarone inspired…

For you, From Bordeaux with Love

In late 2015, I had a realization… 24 years in wine work, and I hadn’t made real time for learning about the origin of fine wine ~ Bordeaux. I became committed, inspired by the importer Millesima. I truly believe that if one is to learn about any wine region, he or she first needs to learn about the culture. This happened to me by first moving to Sonoma County, and learning all I could at Belvedere Winery. In that job I was sent to nearly every state in the US. When I started my own PR firm with my husband/partner Jose Diaz, we had Mills Reef as a client. I then learned a lot more about New Zealand. What an amazing opportunity that was. I didn’t get to travel there, but was the first to declare that New Zealand was an upside-down boot, and a land of lamb and people with gentle passion and delicious wines.

Next, Enoforum wines entrusted me with their wines. This time, I got to travel to Europe… Portugal. Immersed in that culture for ten of the most fabulous learning days of my life; my wine world expanded exponentially steeper than I could have ever imagined.

When Millesima invited me for the second year in a row to enter their contest, I thought, why not? It was a ridiculous thought, based on how little I knew or had written about Bordeaux, but I did a Nike thing… Just do it, right?

It was their grace of turning me down – which I fully expected – that made me want to take a journey and learn about Bordeaux. What were the secrets that I was missing? How could I apply with I know about wine already, apply what I know about the culture of wine and beyond to get serious.

Below is a list of how I got serious in 2016 to learn about Bordeaux. And in 2016, it took getting to partie seize that I seized the day for just learning about wineries in Bordeaux… True to my core, I first learned about the culture. I was then ready to learn about the wines. I seize(d) the day!

If you, too, are ready to learn about Bordeaux, save a link to this story. You’ll be able to return and read each story at your leisure, and systematically find the joy that I have… Bordeaux.

Wine Blog Bordeaux Series

  1. Beyond Bordeaux – Season 1 – A Travel Series with Host Patrick Cappiello
    • The LCBO Broadcast Production Group’s series takes us beyond the obvious… the wines
  2. My Story for Passion of Wine ~ Partie un ~ Just getting started
    • The beginning of my armchair, Bordeaux journey
  3. My Story for Passion of Wine ~ Partie deux
    • The Bordeaux varieties
  4. Wine of the Week ~ Les Hauts de Lagarde 2015 Bordeaux Rose ~ partie trois
    • Tasting a Bordeaux wine
  5. Unexpected Bordeaux “partie quatre” ~ Bordeaux and the rest of us are silently weeping for Denis and May-Britt Malbec
    • The Loss of Denis Malbec
  6. Bordeaux ~ You Can Bank On It ~ partie cinq
    • What are the Left and Right banks all about?
  7. Bordeaux ~ Getting to the Bottom of Left and Right Bank Soils ~ partie six
    • Terroir of the banks
  8. Bordeaux ~ Cabernet Franc, a Luscious Bordeaux Variety ~ partie sept
    • Cab France, the grape variety
  9. Bordeaux ~ The Aquitaine Region ~ partie huit
    • A region by any other name
  10. Bordeaux ~ Mirror of Water ~ partie neuf
    • A new Bordeaux landmark
  11. Bordeaux ~ What You Don’t Know ~ partie dix
    • Things I found fascinating about Bordeaux
  12. Bordeaux ~ Impressionist Alfred Smith ~ partie onze
    • Could there be a French Impressionist from Bordeaux?
  13. Bordeaux ~ Albert Smith Work in the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux ~ partie douze ~ Partie

    • More from this Bordeaux Impressionist
  14. Bordeaux ~ Beyond the vines, while enjoying the culture ~ partie treize
    • More Bordeaux, the city
  15. Bordeaux ~ Banking on Iconic Wineries ~ partie quatorze
    • Continuing to explore the Banks’ regional diversities
  16. Bordeaux ~ Les Hauts de Lagarde 2015 ~ The Red and The White of It ~ partie quinze
    • Les Hauts de Lagarde 2015 – Blanc and Rouge

Credit to Millesima for originally inspiring me to learn about Bordeaux.

Key for French Numerals

0. Zéro / Zero
1. Un, une / One
2. Deux / Two
3. Trois / Three
4. Quatre / Four
5. Cinq / Five
6. Six / Six
7. Sept / Seven
8. Huit / Eight
9. Neuf / Nine
10. Dix / Ten
11. Onze / Eleven
12. Douze / Twelve
13. Treize / Thirteen
14. Quatorze / Fourteen
15. Quinze / Fifteen
16. Seize / Sixteen