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My Holidaze Wine List

Don Melchor ~ A highly performing wine from Chile

First of all, this is still a young wine. I’ve gotten way past caring about young wines anymore being hard to enjoy. A friend recently told me that she gifted someone a young wine and there was paperwork that went along with the wine. The person on the receiving end became concerned, and felt that the wine MUST be put away for another five years. Those days are gone forever, with today’s gadgets. Just reach for an aerator, for a very quick solution. Then, there’s always decanting wines, for a bit slower process.

My first taste was undecanted… That’s when I learned how tight tannins still are, but the chalky smooth flavor of this wine still trickled through. My mouth was filled with flavors that were of ripe, black current goodness, a touch of licorice, and a final hint of lead pencil. (Yeah, I used to chew pencils, when I was too stupid to know better – first grade, maybe?) In its current age, this Cab is just begging for a blackberry cobbler with Crème Fraîche…. Most delicious

NV Valdo Prosecco, Demoninazione dorigine Controllata Brut

Bubbles, we’ve got bubbles, we’ve got lots and lots of bubbles. This wine was really enjoyable. I hadn’t ever heard of Valdo, but now I have. I’m really getting turned on to wines from around the world and I feel like Sir Francis Drake. It’s a great adventure to be discovering history.

I was very impressed with the wine. Produced by Valdo Spumanti, Valdobbiadene, Italy.  Just to write it is a lesson in Italian. I love language; ergo, I’m all over it. This one’s average is $11.  It’s for everyday, bubbles, and who can’t enjoy bubbles everyday? [Disclaimer:  Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, excluded. We’ve all got a favorite or a stash!]

I know you’re going into the holidays, and you’re going to also have some very special wines. But when you’re having those everyday moments, this is one that will put a skip into your step! Have light fare and a few bubbles, and get dancing. This would be a fun large gathering on a budget wine, too. It’s a lot of bubbles for the price.


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