No wine for you!

Hi, PR Pro,

My desk is now uncluttered. If you’d like to send information and a sample to me, I’m now open to it. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Jo,

I’m so sorry, but unfortunately we don’t have samples to send at the moment, which I understand makes it tricky for you to write something about them.

Tricky? It’s Unethical…

Hi, PR Pro,

I’m sorry, too.

Since my blog is a journal of my life as a wine publicist, if I haven’t experienced it, I can’t endorse it.

If you’re a PR Pro, you need to educate, not just get stories written

A tip for your client, and this is coming from not only a wine publicist for the last 24 years, but also a blogger for the last 13 years, which will be marked this December 29, 2016… The chatter among us (wine bloggers) is if we can’t taste it, we can’t write about it. You wouldn’t believe how much this is discussed in a group of wine bloggers that I’m part of.

I spend from three to five hours on each blog… telling my and their stories. Those are non-billable hours… You know what you’re worth an hour, right, PR Pro? And your client won’t provide a $20 of wine for a three to five story?

Some wine clients need a reality check, when it comes to their desire for stories. I, too, have wine clients, and they’re really generous in this regard. They’re generous, because they understand…

I know you’re doing what your client has asked of you. If they are reasonable, they’ll understand, too, and create a better plan for publicity, given this inside track. It will advance them faster.  We aren’t writers for magazines; we’re not being paid for anything.

The reality is… how can we endorse what we don’t know?

It’s like saying that a book is great, when we haven’t even read it…. Most especially if we do read it at a later time, and then find out it it has no substance.

My candor is part of who I am, and I’ve been an educator all of my life… From anatomy and physiology, to elementary and middle schools, and now to winery owners. This is why I’m sharing this. It’s my nature to educate – first and foremost. I’m continually dumbfounded each time I hear, like I’m being told by Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, “No sample for you!”

This is not directed at you, PR pro. It’s directed at your wine companies who are hopeful, but won’t make a commitment. They’ll learn. They all do.

If it’s easier to have someone else give them the reality check…

They need to know, sooner rather than later. Just share this link, when you’re ready, or not. It’s your job to also educate your clients, not just try to get their stories told.

If we can’t taste it, why would we morally/ethically want to recommend it? We have reputations, too, to protect.