The Bordeaux Wine Campus (a registered wine school based in Bordeaux), provides the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certification and the WSG (Wine Scholar Guild). This is accomplished through an educational program that might interest you, you… the wine pro..

The French Wine Scholar, created by Wine Scholar Guild, is focused on French wine regions and its grape varieties. It emphasizes characteristics and diversity. In a job market that’s constantly changing and demanding, they believe that this program involves different needs for the personalities in the wine trade: lovers, sommeliers, suppliers, wine educators, and journalists.  They trust, if you fall into the trade category and love this segment of our wine business, you’ll appreciate who they are and what they do.

From my contact: “As the teaching goes in depth we recommend this course to whomever shares a passion for wine, but has also an intermediate or advanced level. Our aim is to promote our campus abroad, with the intention of creating a link between the diverse country wine producers; and, so welcome experts of the wine business in the beautiful Bordeaux region.”


Getting a detailed knowledge of the main wine regions of France. The program presents each French wine region as an integrated whole by explaining the impact of history, the significance of geological events, the importance of topographical markers and the influence of climatic factors on the wine the glass. This core body of knowledge is important whether you sell wine, buy wine or teach about wine.

  • Advanced students of wine (i.e. elders or students of WSET, level 3 and 4 certificates)
  • Or, people from the wine industry (trade, production, etc.) who are able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge
  • Fluent level of English is required
  • 280-pages full-color French Wine Scholar study manual + 80 wines tasted
  • one-year access to the French Wine Scholar online, including 20 multimedia e-learning modules
  • Evaluation: Multiple Choice Examination
  • It’s a five-day course (30 hours)

Interested? A Bit More

Day 1 : Alsace ~ Champagne

  • Viticultural history, Location & climate, Geology & Topography, Grape varieties, Wine styles, Appellations, Viticultural practices & vinification techniques, Industry overview
  • Champagne~ Viticultural history, Location & climate, Soils of Champagne, Grape varieties & sub-regions, The Champagne method
  • Styles of Champagne & label nomenclature

Day 2 : Bourgogne

  • Viticultural history, Grape varieties, Soils of Bourgogne, Sub-regions & appellation system, Burgundian winemaking tradition
    Beaujolais, Jura, Savoie
  • For each region: viticultural history, location & climate, Geology/soils/topography, Grape varieties & appellations, Wine styles
  • Winemaking method

Day 3 : Bordeaux

  • Viticultural history, Location & climate, Soil prescribes the blend, winemaking in Bordeaux, Sub-regions & appellations, Bordeaux
  • Classification system & wine trade
  • Southwest
  • Viticultural history, Location & climate, Grape varieties & wine styles, Sub-regions & appellations

Day 4 : Rhône

  • Viticultural history, Location & climate, Northern Rhône vs Southern Rhône: Geology, Topography & Soils, Grape varieties,
  • Sub-regions & appellations, Style of wines, Viticultural & winemaking practices.
  • Languedoc -Rous sillon, Provence, Corsica
  • For each region: Viticultural history, Location & climate, Geology, Topography & Soils, Grape varieties, Sub-regions & appellations,
  • Style of wines, Viticultural & winemaking practices.

Day 5 : Loire

  • Viticultural history, Location & climate, Lower Loire, Middle Loire & Upper Loire: Soils, Grape varieties, Sub-regions & appellations,
  • Styles of wines, Viticultural & winemaking practices.
  • Examination
  • 100 multiple choice questions in one hour