Being December born… Let’s just call this a “musing,” or “stream of consciousness…”

Asked if I would consider looking at Simply Charmed magnetic wine glass charms, I thought, “Why not. Sounds like fun!” Anything December really strikes my fancy. I wondered, too, “What’s new and clever, and there’s a wine component attached to it? Something we’ll add to the decorations that we put away for another year on January 1?

They arrived. “Wow,” I thought, “for holiday parties with family and friends.” Everyone gathers, has a glass of wine put about somewhere, “Where’d I put it down?” Who hasn’t been there, with the hustle and bustle on the best day of the year?

They’re really adorable and handsomely handcrafted, and genuine Swarovski Crystal Elements that are six mm in diameter.

The charms DO NOT affect the wine, and they don’t fall off your glass, due to the strength.

Very well thought out. Instead of the dingle dangle things around the stem of your wine glass, this one – with a pretty strong magnet, which attaches to the foot of your glass. One caution, when the first one is on, hang onto your hats, Lucy, because if you want to have one with a second one – for photographing, for instance – the second magnet jumps to the first one, right out of your hand holding it. It even held to my thumb, as I tried to remove it from the glass to put number 2 onto the glass next to number 1. I felt like Lucy and her chocolates. These magnets are strong.

Still, I prefer them on the base of the glass. My eyes go there first, when searching for my glass among the places it could have been put down.

Let’s admit it, this is the one holiday in the year that has entire month specifically devoted to it, with so many wonderful feelings and memories. It’s a month long, feel good, share the health and wealth of our spirits kinda holiday. If you entertain a group of people, who are close family and/or friends, these are fun and very eye appealing for a group that likes to let their hair down and just have fun. They’re Simply Charming, these Simply Charmed gadget magnets…

If you want to go for charms that are more traditional, not to worry. These are just as cute. I also love these six. Being a December child, you know where my heart lies this time of year. We can bring these out for New Year’s Eve, pre-midnight and the bubbly!