This hasn’t a respite hiatus, not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s been moving from and then to a new home and new offices “time out.” It’s been 19 years since we’ve moved. I still can’t believe how much stuff (nice word for it) that we accumulated in life. Just the garage was a nightmare, never mind the closets, bookcases, and wines. Happy to be on the backside of the move: unpacking, donating, trashing, finding the right closet for it all, big etc

The 99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall are back on the wall. The cat is adjusting, but still petrified of being on a mountainside, so not going out for any longer than a few minutes. The garden contents – mostly – came with us. Sigh…

I just opened a box and said, “There you are!” Now to get back on track with some pretty wonderful wines. The wines are from around the world, and that’s where I’m going this week with you… Around the globe and back again. As you can see, the tasting had begun before the move…

  •  Spain
    • 2015 Senda Albarino
    • 2015 Senda Mencía
  • Portugal
    • 2005 Sandeman Old Tawny Porto, Rested 10 years
    • 1986 Sandeman Old Tawny Porto, Rested 30 years
  •  France
    • 2015 Sans Sulfites Ajoutes Buzet
    • Les Vignes de Bila-Haut
      • 2015 Cotes du Roussillon by Michel Chapoutier
      • 2015 Cotes du Roussillon Villages by Michel Chapoutier
  • Italy
    • 2015 Rosa Regale from Montalcino Italy
    • 2014 Allesandro di Camporeale Donnatá Nero D’Avola, Sicilia doc
  •  Chile
    • 2016 Concha y Toro Sauvignon Blanc
    • 2015 Concha y Toro Cabernet Saugivnon
  • United States
    • Oregon
      • 2012 rainstorm (no capitalization)
    • California
      • 2015 Merisi Pinot Gris, Carneros ~ Sonoma
      • 2014 Merisi Petite Sirah, Lake County

Spain is First

Two of the Senda’s wines have been written about, two have not. I’m finalizing the other two. The two already reported were these:

As a wine brand, I thoroughly enjoyed Senda’s wines. First for the delicious, clean, and crisp flavors. Just as important is that the varieties are indigenous. Most of the world has adopted the usual suspects, autochthenous to France. Europe has enough history that varieties arrived a long time ago, and have formed in their present state. So, tasting wines from Europe allows for you to be tasting history. Why mostly France’s varieties have migrated to the new world and have taken off is most likely due to some excellent marketing, emanating in Bordeaux and some from Burgundy. The rest of France is catching up… As is the rest of Europe into the US.


  • 2015 Senda Albariño
    • Albariño is the most recognizable variety for a Spanish white wine
  • 2015 Senda Mencía
    • Number 168 on my Wine Century Club list, edging toward 200 unique wine varieties tasted

From Senda Verde ~ SENDA VERDE is a collection of artisanal wines from unique regions in northern Spain that follow the 43°N parallel, stretching from coastal Galicia eastward along the northern coastline. In contrast to the rest of Spain, this area is lush and green from oceanic and geologic influences. The region is referred to as “España Verde” (Green Spain).

Mencía is a Spanish red grape variety that’s primarily found in the northwestern part of the country. It’s planted on more than 22,000 acres, and it’s primarily found in the Bierzo, Ribeira Sacra, and Valdeorras regions. Growing in both Spain and Portugal, the logical inference is that it was brought in by Roman invaders to that specific region, since it’s not found anywhere else in the world. 

Gerry Dawes has written: In both Bierzo, at the gates of Galicia in León province (Castilla y León), and in Ribera Sacra in Galicia’s Ourense and Lugo provinces, the native mencía grape, grown in precariously steep vineyards and often clinging to treacherous schist- or slate-strewn hillsides and Roman-style terraces (the Romans were making wine here 2,000 years ago!), is responsible for some of Spain’s most intriguing and delicious terroir-laced red wines. 

  • 2015 Senda Albariño
    • A favorite wine for me to be ordering in restaurants, I’m in love with Albariño. So I held this one for last, because the learning curve wasn’t going to be there… just the pure enjoyment. It didn’t disappoint. Albariño is a crisp, clean, and lean white white, with tons of floral notes and flavors of apples and apricots.
    • From Winesellers: The finish is fruity and with mineral nuances. Our Albariño’s fresh acidity makes it a fine contrast to foods that are rich, salty, oily, fatty, or mildly spicy. It also pairs nicely with tart foods such as vinaigrettes, capers, leeks, and tomatoes. The wine is an excellent accompaniment to fish and shellfish.
    • This is why I love it so much, it’s so versatile.
  • 2015 Senda Mencía
    • This is a medium bodied, red wine has beautiful violet floral notes, and prominent fruits of strawberries, raspberries, and pomegranate.
    • I loved it and it was very easy to enjoy. I highly recommend all of the Senda Verde wines.
    • 13.5 Percent alcohol is right where enjoyment with or without foods happily meets.

Great wines, affordable prices, what more could we ask for, except to open the bottle and enjoy! All of these wines are as refreshing and delicious as the labels suggest.

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