A Perfect Score

The Art, Soul, and Business of a 21st-Century Winery

Craig and Katheryn Hall ~Hall Wines

The world of wine is a fabulous world. It’s down home, gutsy, and warm. As I pack up my wine library, getting ready to ship it to another world with us, I pick up magazines that I’ve saved. Kept for either my stories or the stories of others, which I’ve been able to inspire… There it all is.

And, I’m reminded of the book that I just finished absorbing last evening; required reading for anyone even contemplating starting a winery. If it could be mandatory reading for all of our clients, I would want that to happen, but I know the realities. Some of us must learn on our own; but, to comprehend what’s coming would certainly give anyone a shot in the arm instead of in the dark.

The minute that I began reading, I so understood everything Katheryn and Craig were saying about launching a winery, what their standards are, their joie de vivre… all of it. We’ve had to help so many through this process.A Perfect Score was the handbook I was looking for, to back up all of the things I’ve tried to explain to people and had them just believe…

If I hadn’t been in the middle of move, I would have found a corner and just curled up with A Perfect Score. The only things that would have made it more perfect would be a rainy Sunday afternoon, a cozy corner lit by fireplace, and Buddy the Cat keeping my feet warm.

I recently had a discussion about this book to an accomplished man, whose dream is also a perfect score; and I know he’s well on his way. This book might even save him some steps. I’m thinking it will. Thanks, Craig and Katheryn for telling your stories. For me, there is only one secret that you didn’t reveal. Perhaps one day we can chat about my question related to your grape growing. I promise I won’t publish the answer(s), unless of course, you don’t mind that being public, too.

Most highly recommended reading, for all of you dreamers.