Vineyard Chocolatiers ~ A tasting ~ My Notes

  • Chardonnay Flavored White Chocolate ~ Creamy smooth with Chardonnay taking white chocolate to a new place, slightly floral and sweet, lingering cream.
  • Merlot Flavored Dark Chocolate ~ Ripe plums with a very smooth finish… delicate, yet full bodied.
  • Cabernet Flavored Dark Chocolate ~ Creamy ripe cherries and blackberries, dripping with that Bing flavor that lingers long after the slide to a satisfying swallow.

I was approached by Joe Woerly

Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m the owner and creator of a new gourmet chocolate bar product line. My chocolate bar product line features wine flavored chocolates, and my brand is called “Vineyard Chocolates.” I started this project a year and a half ago and I am selling them in a couple store in my area. I would like to have my wine flavored chocolates professionally produced so I can sell them to retail stores.

I have started a Kickstarter campaign so I can pre-sell my chocolates, and if I can pre-sell enough wine chocolates I can then have my chocolates made professionally by a manufacturer. I would be absolutely  thrilled if I could have an article written about my wine flavored chocolates on you blog to help promote my Kickstarter! If you would like samples of my wine flavored chocolate bars I would be delighted to send you some!

Please visit my website at to learn more about me and my wine flavored chocolates!

Yeah, like this chocoholic could ever refuse that query! Bring it on!

About Joe’s Project ~ Vineyard Chocolatiers

This is a product that I have been working on for a year and a half. I spent 6 months seeking out chocolates from all over the world to be the base of my recipe. I have sampled chocolates from many countries such as Italy, Belgium, and as far as Madagascar. The chocolate that I use is an organic chocolate from Venezuela. During my 6 months of searching for the right chocolate I had over 40 pounds of chocolate samples in my house from many chocolate suppliers.

There are 3 flavors to my chocolate bar product line: Cabernet Dark Chocolate, Merlot Dark Chocolate, Chardonnay White Chocolate. Much like how wine is paired with entrees, the wine flavors are paired according the to the cocoa intensity. For example the Cabernet flavor is paired with the darkest chocolate which is 73.5% cocoa, the Merlot flavor is paired with the mildest dark chocolate being 61% cocoa, and the Chardonnay flavor is paired with the lightest chocolate, a white chocolate with 14% cocoa.

I need to raise $5,200 so that I can have my wine chocolates professionally made by a manufacturer. I plan to sell my chocolates on Amazon, to Vineyards, and to retail stores such as Neiman Marcus.

Kickstarter Link (click here), if you’d “like in”

I loved the tasting. I’m so impressed by the smoothness and the flavors of these chocolates that I’m willing to support his Kickstarter program. They’ll be a great gift through the upcoming holidays, impressing your wine friends. I also love – as someone who began her own business – to help others begin and succeed. Artisan chocolates for the holidays? I’m in!

Joe’s YouTube says it all…