Bordeaux, as an old world location, is a new world for me. I began to pay attention in earnest last September, and now September is right around the corner, again.

Life is like an LP. The closer you get to the center, the quicker the revolutions. — Jo Diaz (Been saying this since my days of being in radio in the 1980s.)

That’s all I have to say about time flying…

Enter the world of Bordeaux. On April 28, 2016, Châteaux Margaux‘ was voted to be the wine of the 2015 vintage. That’s quite a distinction, and so my images for this story are borrowed (with credit) from the Chateaux. They’re a clear leader in what I’m thinking about to today, as I wonder if Bordeaux could be the most expensive place on earth to live… And perhaps the most glorious?

[This image from Châteaux Margaux’ Website ~ Title: 07/17/2016 Magnificent vines] This picture epitomizes why people hunger for the Bordeaux Experience, included me on that list. What a beautiful estate. I clearly remember working at my first California winery – for five, fruitful years in the early 1990s – while pinching myself daily. I can’t even imagine walking these grounds; but, I’m very happy for those who are able.

Last September I included this on my blog: From Bordeaux with Love

By: Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, Olivier Bernard, President…

2015: the dawn of a great vintage…

Located on the 45th parallel, the northern limit for the world’s great red wine regions, Bordeaux likes sunny summers to produce great vintages. The months of May, June, and July 2015 were among the hottest and driest on record. Water stress, so important for stopping vegetative growth and starting the ripening process, took place early, in July, and brought on a magnificent véraison (colour change) in early August. I have not seen such an early, even véraison since 2009. All our grapes were red by the 15th of August and many of them were already deeply-­‐colored.

Fortunately, the month of August was less hot and more wet, which gave a certain vigor to the vines.

Fast Forward ~ Today

[Image from Châteaux Margaux’ Website ~ Title: 09/29/2015 Harvest 2015: The start of the reds’ harvest] This image epitomizes Bordeaux’ red wine grapes. It’s so pleasing to my sense of aesthetics.

I got to thinking about the prices of Bordeaux wines.

In April, Chris Mercer wrote in Decanter, “Bordeaux 2015 releases: First prices emerge.”

Prices on Bordeaux 2015 en primeur wines as they leave negociant cellars look set to rise by between 10% and 20% versus the 2014 vintage, suggests an initial trickle of releases plus survey data from Liv-ex.

May, Bloomberg, Michael Collins: Bordeaux 2015 Prices Make New Wines Most Expensive Since 2010

Incredible, still in the barrel and the tastings that have begun detect the quality of the wine. I’m thinking “only in Bordeaux.” But, I decided I’d give it a shot at least for other regions, maybe Burgundy? So I searched on “pricing of Burgundy wines for 2015 vintage.” Another Decanter story. This time by Andrew Jefford, September 21, 2015. To make life simple, I searched on the percent sign. Nothing. I then searched on the word “percent.” Again, nothing.

Next thought: Is Bordeaux the most expensive real estate in the world?

  • Christie’s, International Real Estate: Bordeaux, The World’s Most Prestigious Wine Region
  • Christie’s, International Real Estate: 45 Luxury Homes and Properties for Sale in Bordeaux (Prices begin at $7 Million)
  • Sotheby’s: Bordeaux – its region and its real estate market (from the Sotheby’s site…)
    • Bordeaux is often described as the world’s wine capital, with about 117,000 hectares of vineyards, 57 appellations (winegrowers’ regions), 9,000 wine-producing châteaux and sales of $ 14.5 billion annually. With an annual production of over 700 million bottles, the Bordeaux region produces large quantities of everyday wine as well as some the most expensive wines in the world. Bordeaux itself is considered a “City of Art and History” and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. While the city of Bordeaux is one of Europe’s largest 18th century architectural urban areas, the Bordeaux region offers an unbelievable wealth of beautiful country houses, estates and châteaux making it a favourite destination for tourists and residents alike.

If one thinks about not only the real estate, but also the contents of the chateaux and museums, Bordeaux is a very important epicenter of earthly locations for land, buildings, art, history, and wine.

What a great world to explore. God bless Millesima for being in the right place at the right time, to settle into such an amazing situation. It was they who really inspired me to learn about Bordeaux. I am what Millesima has inspired me to become, in this regard.