Established in 1995, Ridgeview’s wines are the fist wines to arrive from England that have been imported to the United States. Asked if I would interested in tasting them, how could I refuse? Curiosity is my middle name. Their PR person Erica Honni, wrote to me, “…Ridgeview Wines, the first English wines to arrive in the USA.” Well, let the history lesson begin.

From their Website:

Ridgeview is a family company dedicated to the production of the highest quality sparkling wine using traditional sparkling grape varieties and methods. Devotion to the vineyards and winemaking has resulted in Ridgeview being the proud winners of numerous international sparkling wine trophies.

And, from Jancis Robinson, “England’s vinous glory: fizz made in the image of champagne.  Alluring and zesty – a sort of rustic Bollinger.”

Here’s an interesting story; again, from their site:


Ridgeview’s trade mark MERRET™ is in honour of Englishman Christopher Merret. In 1662 he presented a paper to the Royal Society in London which documented the process of making traditional method sparkling wines. This was 30 years before the technique was documented in champagne. To celebrate Merret’s achievements Ridgeview has kept a London connection when naming our range of wines.

Now, let the tasting lesson begin

First we enjoyed the 2014 Ridgeview  Fitzrovia Rosé. “Fitzrovia” is right… An abundance of bubbles, and an abundance of flavors. What a delight! We were having Asian food, and nothing could have been better. I hadn’t connected it to any food, when I first opened the bottle. Once open, dinner was planned… A bit of heat and a touch of sweet, blinding*, as the Brits would say.

Next, Ridgeview’s Blanc de Blancs ~ 100 percent, single estate Chardonnay from their original vineyard. This is a very Ace* brut. Another bit of British slang for you to look up. It will help to know exactly what I thought of this one. It is indeed a Brut, and very unlike the Rosé, and every bit as delicious. A crisp, early harvested apple is my best description. I used to pick green apples and eat them as a kid, and so I can easily related to the malic acid. Thinks of something creamy to enjoy this wine with. It will be very complementary.

…Get ready folks. Global Warming has made England much more habitable for winemaking. The two wines I received from Ridgeview are spectacular.