This is how it works for me, today… Wine Century Club #166 Treixadura (081716) – Senda\Verde 2015 Ribeiro

La Senda Bodegas y Viñedos

Samples arrive from all over the world, and I’m thrilled. My scope of wine is expanding exponentially steeper daily about the world of wine, every time my door bell rings and a delivery truck person wants my signature.

  • I get to taste wines of distinction
  • I’m learning about new varieties
  • I’m learning about wine regions and their terroir
  • I’m learning about new brands and the wine families behind the brands

If I weren’t in the business of wine, my process would be much slower. I’m on an assignment given to me by the gods, and the task is unique nectar. How did I get so lucky? I really don’t know. I just keep at it. I’ve now tasted 165 different wine grape varieties and I’m about to open #166.

Join Me

#166, Treixadura: Old world aromas: Strolling through a citrus and floral garden… Then the Meyer lemon hits hard. (I scratch lemons.) These are just the aromas. On the palate, it hits me like a Sauvignon Blanc and then sneaks around the corner to become butter flavors with lingering violets and grapefruit. It has a long, long finish and is much more complex on the back end than I would have guessed from its light straw color. I associate this color with a wine that’s not going to be complex. Wrong! It’s got a lot going on. This is a very refreshing wine that you can enjoy with your cream dishes… Jamie Oliver’s creamy pumpkin and ginger soup, let’s say.

Let’s talk about Treixadura from La Senda Bodegas y Viñedos, Spain

A Delicious Story

Well, this is a Portuguese variety, for starters. Trajadura (or Treixadura) is one of the key grape varieties found in Portugal’s fresh Vinho Verde wines. I’ve borrowed this wine grape image from Wine-Searcher.  It’s not only a beautiful cluster, but it also has a beautiful leaf. Typical of what I’ve seen for a white wine grape variety, they’re more round than the red wines are. Red wine grape leaves are more maple leaf looking in structure.

LABEL COPY: Senda Verde is a collection of artisanal wines form unique regions of northern Spain that follow the 43° North parallel, stretching form coastal Galicia eastward along the northern coastline. In contrast to the rest of Spain, this area is lush, and green from oceanic and geologic influences. The region is referred to as “España Verde” (Green Spain).

Produced from the Ribeiro region, it’s only 11.5 percent alcohol… Love it, food friendly. Back to the fall Pumpkin Soup recipe. This is one fabulous wine. I so, so happy to have met you, Treixadura…

And then she said, “Aha!” This wine is called Senda\Verde. Now I get it… Similar to a Portuguese Vinho Verde… I see!  ¡Delicioso!

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