So many of my contacts are now wanting to gain wine industry knowledge, in order to grow their career in wine business. When I got into wine, I went to Santa Rosa Junior College, because they had a terrific wine sales and marketing degree program.

I could have been running around with arrows for a long time, trying to play catch-up. Instead, I took my time, drew my bowstring back, aimed as perfectly as I could, and then began to hit my targets with much more precision. I took one course at a time and devoted 20 hours each week to whatever was my current course.  My career took off like a bullet.

Now, Sonoma State has an entire program devotes to wine business, including the finances that it takes to operate a wine company. This is greatly expanded from my humble beginnings. There’s also an Online Certificate in Wine Business Management. This is so convenient and an essential step to getting ahead, for those really devoted to making it happen.

Foundation courses begin September 8, 2016

Register by August 25th to save $120.

Information on Curriculum & Fees
Questions? Contact the WBI Porgram Office

Reminder to Current Students:  Completion of Foundation and Intermediate levels waives a two-year industry requirement for professionals interested in the internationally-accredited Sonoma MBA in Wine Business.

Certificate in Wine Business Management (’16)

“As a wine industry professional focused on one department, this program provided me a higher level of education on other channels of the business that contribute to the health and quality of the winery operation. The professors were engaging and passionate about the topics, and challenged my ability to think critically about the development and contribution of each winery channel. I would recommend this program for both winery professionals looking to grow their skills, and for newcomers to the industry seeking a an understanding of key areas that contribute to a successful wine business.”

Very exciting things are happening at Sonoma State’s wine program. Get involved and you won’t regret it… And, how convenient for anyone anywhere… It’s online!