The statement below (on Facebook within a private group) inspired the following blog story… It’s a secret that I’ve long held; and, it’s “What NOT to do if you’re a writer.” This became the title, when I thought about how to position this memory. I’ve held it too long, I need to just let it go as part of my wine journal. Some stories are simply unreal (but very real). This is one of those stories. Since the person has long since gone, I respected the privacy of this one long enough. If you’re a writer, try not to be this guy, okay?

From Monday’s Blog Story ~ This one veered to the left

Sarah May Grunwald: There is also the other side. When people are posting blogs like “How to travel and eat for free” etc.

It is one thing to invite, and keep those things in mind. But I literally get at least 5 emails a day from “bloggers” asking for free trips. These aren’t people who I have heard of half the time, and they just happen to want to come to Georgia (the country). So they think their 1200 followers on Instagram merits me spending $3000 on them.

And, this one is yet another story on “Who has the nerve to asks for trips?”

Jo Diaz: Instagram? That’s very funny. Happy I haven’t had to deal with that one.

Sarah May Grunwald (Taste Georgia): Sad but true! Anyway, I am dealing with an entirely different beast, which is travel. I could probably handle these requests for events, but with travel, as a small company I just can’t. When I work in tandem with government agencies I can.

Jo Diaz: Travel is a completely different story. That one is a tricky beast. I had one guy on a train – LUXURY… It was for five days. Cost us $35,000 for the week. We gave him the queen suite… Queen size bed, private bath with a shower included. All meals, traveled from Seattle to LA with winemakers, paid him $1,000 for joining us. A glossy wine mag was going to pay him another $3,000 for the finished story… We stopped in cities along the way and had trade tastings. After a month, I asked him how it was going. He wrote, “I didn’t find anything to write about.” “What?” Each of the six winemakers on board paid $6,000 and had expectations. Don’t get me started…

Helene Kremer (Sedulous Marketing): Jo WoW!!

Jo Diaz: Yeah, WoW is “sorta” right… I can only tell THIS side story now, feeling okay about it, since he’s passed on. The worst of it, and I’ll never understand why, Helene, is THIS story with him. We had him out to dinner at a wonderful Portland restaurant. My daughter was also working with me on this trip. He leaned over to my daughter and whispered to her, “Do you how easy it would be to ruin your mother’s reputation?” She was stunned, then she shared with me. I was stunned – and still am to this day – wondering why he had his panties in such a twist.

Helene Kremer: He sounds like he was unhinged.

Jo Diaz Yeah… Too young to die, but perhaps better for his tormented soul.

Becca Gomez Farrell (The Gourmez): OMG, that sounds wretched, Jo!

Jo Diaz: At the time, all I could do was shake my head. When he passed away, I had a sigh of relief… I try to be good to everyone. I could only imagine that I reminded him of a strong mother? Whatever it was, Becca Yeamans-Irwin, it wasn’t pretty.