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There’s something so visceral about a new client ~ Aberrant Cellars

Aberrant Cellars, a Willamette Valley wine producer…

Hello Pinot Noir and Pursuing the Profound


adjective: aberrant
departing from an accepted standard.

diverging from the normal type.

This was the birth of Aberrant Cellars… This is brand is a combination of old world, new world, and some modern attitude.

From his Website:

Introducing: Owner | Winemaker: Eric Eide

From humble beginnings in a small town in north eastern Montana, I was taught early on that there are no shortcuts to be had when pursuing greatness- in any endeavor. In winemaking, great vineyards, attention to detail, and hard work will get one started down that path. Once there, it must be followed with conviction, integrity, and a finely tuned palate to propel through the finish line.

“Pursuing the Profound,” then, is our commitment of an unrelenting exploration into the ideal of a flawless craft. We’re honored to have you join us, and for your confidence we aspire to reward your palates in a most captivating manner through our obsession!

Eric loves Latin. There’s a early omen that his wines will have some classical style. Then to choose the word “aberrant,” for a thesis… Well, it’s going to be a fun ride… a true wine geek. Another fun winemaker to get to know, and what stories does this Oregon alchemist produce in the bottle?

The wines arrived

He delivers delicious on my palate

We opened and tasted the 2015 Philtrum Pinot Noir Blanc

  • Very intriguing… a voluptuous mouth feel this wine has. I can see why he’s called it {Love Potion}
  • Next the 2014 Confero Pinot Noir ~ Confero {to bring together}
  • Well, what a combination that could elicit a great story in downtime, whatever that is.

What is the full story?

  • Philtrum- Pinot Noir Blanc
    • Vintage 2015 ~ Willamette Valley
    • Philtrum {Love Potion}: A distinct, and decidedly different, interpretation of Pinot Noir.
  • Confero Pinot Noir
    • Vintage 2014 ~ Willamette Valley
    • Confero {to bring together} is, and will always be, the practice of bringing distinct vineyards and clones of Pinot Noir together from differing sub-regions within the Willamette valley.
  • Virtus ex Pinot Noir
    • Vintage 2013 ~ Eola-Amity Hills
    • Virtus ex {Strength/Virtue of…} Each of these “sub-apps” (above statement) are distinguished from one-another by differing climatic conditions, soil types, and geographical/topographical influences.
  • Carpe Noctem
    • Vintage 2013 ~ Eola-Amity Hills
    • Carpe Noctem: {Seize the Night} There are some activities which simply seem better suited for when darkness falls and our animal spirits are once again awakened from daytime temperance…in addition to those[!], savoring this provocative wine should be placed toward the top of the list.
  • Block B3 Old Vine Pinot Noir
    • Vintage 2014 (Released this fall)
    • Chehalem Mountain Vineyard, Chehalem Mountains ~ Chehalem Mountain Vineyard was developed in 1968 by Richard Erath, from the Original planting on Block B-3 remains.
  • Pinot Noir Gran Moraine Vineyard
    • Vintage 2014 (Released this fall)
    • Yamhill-Carlton ~ In the far NW portion of Willamette Valley, the picturesque rolling hills of Yamhill-Carlyon district benefit from a rain shadow effect from its proximity to the Coast Range Mountains. Additionally, the fast-draining marine sediment based soils, among the oldest in WV, allow for a slightly earlier start to the season…

This is one passionate guy:

  • Love potion
  • To bring together
  • Extensive, imposing
  • Strength
  • Seize the night

If you’re a writer and you need a bit of inspiration…

Go write your romance novel. You’ve got the framework in place.

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  1. Amie Walter says:

    I contacted you once before about visiting. If I have a group of say 6 – 8 people, can we come in the spring? What is the best time to come (maybe not the spring?) and what else is there to see in the area?

    PS Love your Confero 2012

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Hello, Amie,

    Are you wanting to visit Aberrant? Please help me to understand who yu would like to visit.

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