Einstein’s brain, upon examination, revealed that he had an extra-ordinary connection network. For each memory, his patterns were like looking at the interconnections of a busy railroad yard. To really begin to gain info about wines, reading their unique stories, where they’re from, who made them and why, tasting them… These are the interconnections of being able to later identify a past wine enjoyed. The following is a journey for this wine of the week. And… This is great for visual learners, like I am.

So, how to differentiate among four different rosés?

Who (wine company), What (color), When (what tie-in), Where (if it matters)

I’m going for color in the what category, since each one is a rosé. And, I found this great color chart on DigitalSynopsis.com. I’ll be using this chart from now on. It’s so defining, when talking aobut he color of rosé.

WHO: 2015 Masi Rosa dei Masi Rosato Delle Venezie


WHEN: Easy like a Pinot Gris… Beautiful salmon pink, leaning toward the rose side of salmon. This fruity and crisp rosé is made from a new grape for me, the Refosco. I’ve only had one other Refosco. Toad Hollow‘s in 2010, with Frankie Williams. It’s a very pleasing wine, on a 90 degree day. when I first started to enjoy it. That’s when I wrote this paragraph. Then I enjoyed it for a few more days. With a 12.5 percent alcohol, it survived well.

On Sunday, I thought, “What movie should I watch with this Masi Rosa Rosato, and draw more lines of connections in my brain to long remember it? (Just stirred the polenta. A Northern Italy food, to go with this Northern Italian wine. It was by sheer kismet that this happened, as I finally decided to go light this night.)

The Trip to Italy... A trip of two actor/writer friends (playing themselves) take off for two weeks of fine wine, gastronomy, and the beautiful coastline of Southern Italy. Steve Coogan has been asked by The Observer to tour the country’s finest restaurants, but after his girlfriend backs out on him he must take his best friend and source of eternal aggravation, Rob Brydon. I found it ironic, as they headed into what they referred to as the “Land of Red wine – Barolo, Barbera, and Barbaresco” – that they drank white wine the entire trip. Just a curiosity.

Two men, six meals in six different places on a road trip around Italy: Liguria, Tuscany, Rome, Amalfi and ending in Capri, spend their entire trip extemporaneously imitating their favorite actors with movie quotes… All the while being fed the best foods possible from top chefs and living in gorgeous hotel rooms. It would be curious to see what they would be writing, because they didn’t write down on thought. All the while, I was sipping my Masi Rose, and taking notes furiously. “One cannot write without taking notes,” I thought more than once. I was enjoying the wine, knowing that it comes from the very deliciously and unusual Refosco grape… This was a movie like no other I had ever seen, just as rare as this grape variety in the states. The landscapes took my breath away. The foods would be to-die-for, for anyone enraptured with gastronomy, and to know that they were off script, and extremely clever… Just friends chattering. This wine would have been perfect for them to have had on their trip… a white RED. Instead, their glasses were filled with straw colored wine. (A little off kilter, but one more connection for me to tie it all back to my time with Masi Rosa dei Masi Rosato.) Super fine wine…

WHERE: Italy

WHO: 2015 The Seeker Rosé Côtes de Provence

WHAT ~ COLOR:  Salmon

WHEN ~ My favorite movie, set in Provence, France, is A Good Year And, The Seeker Rosé from Provence is a natural pairing in my mind. Both are delicious. I’ve watched A Good Year more than any other movie in my life. It could be as many as 20 times. The Seeker Rosé is all that bespeaks Provence ~ cool, crisp, and very elegant… a touch of lavender, a golden hour of delight, a memory to last a lifetime. Just perfect in its balance.

From the movie, a perfect quote: Max Skinner: Forgive my lips. They find joy in the most unusual places. Yeah, this wine is like that!

WHERE: Provence, France for both the wine and the movie… I could use a little of both right now. I’ve had very few wines from Provence. It’s a region that intrigues me and one I’d love to visit. It’s described as the soul of the Mediterranean, and is inherently food friendly.

WHO: 2015 Alta Vista Rosé Malbec

WHAT ~ COLOR: Rosewood For a rosé, this one is rich in the color of rosewood and it’s also dedicated to bold flavors. A joy to enjoy…

WHEN: I too pleasure in this rose, while watching lessons in tangos…

I have to first disclaim… The label; I was so struck by the label. I’m the first one to admit, and have since I started with wine, if I don’t know the producer, I’m next drawn to the artwork of the brand. Think of it this way… A label is representative for what’s inside the bottle. It’s a story that draws you in… This label reads: The Tijereta bird (Tirannus Savana) arrives to our vineyards during spring together with the cool climate, ideal to enjoy this new Rosé of the year.

The Alta Vista Rosé Malbec is soft and sultry… very feminine. High heals and twirls. Delicate in it’s artwork, both inside and out, this is a very tempting wine, much like the national dance of Argentina ~ the tango. And, that’s what this wine did on my palate. Great entry, flavor on my mid palate, and left me wanting more on the finish… Dare to enjoy it…

WHERE: Argentina

This set of Rosés was received from Kobrand Wine & Spirits.