Remember those fun days, when you had more friends than you had chores? Hide and go seek, kick the can, dancing in your friend’s living room, and playing a good game of Monopoly were your greatest joys… Then we all grew up.

Today’s games surrounding wine have such solitary and serious goals… “Should I go for my Master Sommelier or a Master of Wine certification? Maybe I should get certified as a member of the Society of Wine Educators, or what about International Wine and Spirits courses?” These are all well and good, if you want to get down and dirty with it…

But what if… you just wanna have fun?

Well, you have something that takes you right back to, “Hey, wanna come out and play?” With your family and friends, you only need a desire to have a great time, one bottle of wine (per five people), and as many glasses as you have family and/or friends, who are playing. Any number over five and you’ll want one bottle per five people. (There are five glasses of wine in each bottle.)

CF Napa designed Q&A for The Rubin Family of Wines. I was in on the process, and it began slowly as one of Ron Rubin’s marketing concepts. (I’m betting that he’s one of those guys who keeps a notepad by his bedside, as epiphanies seem to burst from him in a rapid fire way.) So, we began and it segued from something local, to regional, to worldwide. At that point, Sonoma State University Wine Business School’s faculty was brought in to help with content.

A Series of Bottles 12 Bottles

It had become larger than life. The plan evolved into 12 bottles, each bottle has five different Questions & Answers. Each bottle in a case of wine is numbered from one to 12: No 1 of 12, No 2 of 12, No 3 of 12, etc.  This means that there are a total of 60 different questions and answers in a full case of wine. It’s intended to let players collect all 12 bottles, over time. CF Napa calls it The Trivial Pursuit of Wine, proudly displaying their label on their home page; because it’s so unique.

  • The label wraps around the bottle, the front of it is the Q&A part.
  • The right side has the Questions.
  • The left side has the Answers.

It’s a great concept for a non vintage, red wine coming from California. It’s easy to enjoy as a wine, and doesn’t get in the way of trying to nail down all aspects of… You know… “Guess the vintage, the county of origin, the varietal breakdown, how much alcohol does it have, what’s its AVA… (Although, you might have to answer what an AVA is.)

That’s all well and good for someone wanting that certificate, so he or she can become a wine business pro. Most of us – I have to exclude myself at this point, given my career – just want to enjoy life, have a glass of wine, and hang out with family and friends; maybe even play a game or two over time. This is one of those games.

It’s an exclusive brand to Total Wine & More. If you’re 21 years or older, here’s the link: Total Wine & More. If you don’t have a location near you, you can order on-line ahead of your friends coming over to play. (Make sure you authorize yourself on the site as being 21 or older.)

As a side note, we just received a notice that the Q&A label just earned a DOUBLE GOLD medal in the 2016 San Francisco International Wine Competition’s Label Division. Everyone at the winery is delighted. We knew that we had something very special going on…

Q&A ~ Do you want to come out and play?