There’s not very much to say. It’s all been said by so many.

Still, I just had to briefly weigh in, because this is now a giant PR nightmare for the current owners of Justin Vineyards. What a giant mistake… Sigh…

What anyone in agriculture should consider, in the future

  • Common Sense is good.
    • If you don’t have any, call in a PR expert… Any PR expert.
  • Concern for the environment is even better.
    • Bring in someone like Jim Pratt, of Cornerstone Certified Vineyards, who thinks about what is sustainable and what isn’t.
  • Not stripping land is really the best...
    • What’s going to happen, when the rains come and there’s nothing with roots to hold back the land from slipping away?
    • All I have is common sense, so it might have been easy to see… Might have been.


I learned this from Miss Dumas, Sophomore English Teacher

  • Good, better, best: never let it rest, until the good is better and the better is best…

NEWS HEADLINE: Justin Vineyards owners to donate 380-acre site where oaks were cut down.

Great. Now whomever inherits the land will have to deal with the runoff.

  • The family will also repair grading work and stop construction of a large reservoir
  • The county won’t pursue code enforcement action due to the donation and land remediation

Okay, great; however, I wouldn’t accept the land for AT LEAST a couple of years, while it settles back in, as the soils erode… Just a personal thought. All I can think of is the song, “While my guitar gently weeps,” because I’m a tree hugger.

[Photo taken by David Middlecamp is on The Tribune Website, along with a longer version of the story by Lindsey Holden.]