Einstein’s brain, upon examination, revealed that he had an extra-ordinary connection network. For each memory, his patterns were like looking at the interconnections of a busy railroad yard. To really begin to gain info about wines, reading their unique stories, where they’re from, who made them and why, tasting them… These are the interconnections of being able to later identify a past wine enjoyed. The following is a journey for this wine of the week. And… This is great for visual learners, like I am.

I really enjoyed tasting a 2015 biokult Zweigelt Rosé of the Niederösterreich, from Austria. I wrote the following, as I went along: A unique, organic rosé wine from Austria that’s sure to make a splash this spring… 2015 biokult Zweigelt Rosé of the Niederösterreich. Then, I got into the particulars, which are below the dividing line. First, we’re going on a journey of interconnectedness.

Last evening, while Jose was watching a Golden State Warrior game,  I searched for a movie I’d enjoy… I fell upon this story and thought… “Helen Mirren in Woman in Gold, it’s got to be worth seeing.”

BRIEFLY: Sixty years after fleeing Vienna, Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren), an elderly Jewish woman, attempts to reclaim family possessions that were seized by the Nazis. Among them is a famous portrait of Maria’s beloved Aunt Adele: Gustave Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.” With the help of young lawyer Randy Schoeberg (Ryan Reynolds), Maria embarks upon a lengthy legal battle to recover this painting and several others, but it will not be easy, for Austria considers them national treasures.(TRUE STORY)

I’ve loved Gustav Klimt’s work since first setting eyes on it. My favorite ~ The Kiss. My art book is the backdrop, for the very last drop of this biokult Rosé.

Woman of Gold

As I as watching this incredible story unfold between LA and Austria, I was fascinated. Austria being the country of origin for Mirren’s character, was repeated over and over again. “Austria,” I thought? Waiting a minute. I just tasted a wine from Austria!” I ran for the bottle. Indeed… Austria.

The wine was still fresh in my mind and on my palate. With very little prior interaction between my brain and Austrian wines, this one just clicked. I’ve always felt that I have a past life in Vienna. Then “Vienna” popped up as another connection. Forever more, until my thoughts leave me, biokult is now going to be associated with poignancy. Poignancy not in a negative sense at all; rather, one of the sadness that happened in world history, and the positive rebuilding. Especially for all of the art that was lost during World War II, and is now being recovered and returned to the families of those, whose art seemed to be lost forever.

My father was a WW II vet. I was born nine months after his return. It’s a part of history that needs to be remembered, so it never happens again. The new wines of Austria are shining examples of how a country rises again, as a phoenix. This Zweigelt Rosé is a shining example of the rebuilding and the rise…

It’s been carefully crafted in a non intrusive, organic way. There are so many rich connections, as well as so many rich flavors. with this wine I celebrated the joy of Maria Altmann having a positive solution for world art recovered and returned to the original family’s ownership.

This is how one remembers a wine tasted… In layers upon layers.


The Demeter Certified Biodynamic 2015 biokult Zweigelt Rosé of the Niederösterreich – Qualitätswein appellation is very appealing as a light and easy to understand rosé. Made of Austria’s most widely grown red grape Zweigelt (pronounced TSVYE-gelt). Zweigelt is a red wine grape originating from a 19th century Austrian crossing of two older varietals, Blaufränkisch and St Laurent. Low residual sugar gives it a very pleasant appeal, and the rose color with slight violet hues is visually alluring. The taste is of light red fruit, strawberry & raspberry, with soft tannins. This is a good food wine, pairing well with pasta, light meals, risottos & cheese…. And a great movie!

About the Winemaker

The Michlits family is one of the most creative and influential organic wine growing families in Austria. Headed by Werner and Angela Michlits, their products and production methods are revolutionary for the region. Not only have they been able to understand and implement the use of non-trimmed vines in the region, but the use of biodynamic methods and the translation of these into new production standards are awe inspiring.

Suggested retail is $13.99 per bottle. Natural Merchants is the importer.