Rich and ripe fruit, with a dusty, smokey character… The finesse is very much there, like a fine Stetson cocked to the right on a gentleman farmer, overlooking his vineyard… The 2014 Trivento Reserve Argentinean Blend of Cabernet-Malbec ~ Delicious…

Some day, I’ve got to get to South America… Specifically, Mendoza Argentina. In the 90s, I worked with my first Argentinian wine… a Malbec. The imported juice went into the Grove Street label, and we sold a ton of it. I loved the wine, and that began my fascination with Argentina and imports. I quickly learned what a great value imported wine is. Think of it this way… Our American cost of living is very expensive, versus other parts of the world. Labor, for one, is substantially less; ergo, the savings is part of the production, too.

I got to write tasting notes, and watch the sales, though Belvedere Winery… Both now long gone, but the memory is still very clear and it was a great start to my wine career.

2014 Trivento Reserve Argentinean Blend of Cabernet-Malbec…

Inspired by the Winds

Three winds leave their mark in TRIVENTO. Guided by

  1. The capricious god of wind EOLO
  2. The Polar Zonda
  3. Sudestada (south) winds

… all bestow exceptional qualities for winegrowing on the Mendozan terroir. TRIVENTO works to ensure their vineyards flourish, grow and mature with the rhythm of nature. This is the origin of the grapes that become TRIVENTO RESERVE.

Every single time I have a wine of Spanish origin, I’m connected back to my José’s roots. Spanish people migrated to South America as well as the Caribbean, as we all know. What you may not know is that Jose was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Because we’ve been together since 1976, I experienced Spanish culture in so many positive ways; I love the island of Puerto Rico, and I know I would also love Argentina… A Bucket List item.

As a piece of art, I’m drawn to the renowned Spanish artist Joan Miró. His “Portrait of Juanita Obrador” comes to mind. The portrait and wine are both feminine, with a strong backbone; both of original Spanish origin. Keeping it real here…

Trivento is a House Wine You Can Easily Share

So, when a South American Import arrives, I pay special attention, as I did with this 2014 Trivento Reserve Argentinean Blend of Cabernet-Malbec. It’s just very easy to enjoy. It’s a blend of 50 percent Cab and 50 percent Malbec, and it’s 100 percent delicious. Another important item for me is the alcohol at a well-balanced 13.5 percent. This makes for wine that is excellent for pairing well with your favorite food dishes.

The blending of Cab and Malbec has given this one a very deep, ruby slippers color. Aged in French oak for six months, the vanilla is very pleasant and old-world European in style. With rapturous body, the tannins linger and you just know that this wine will pair well with foods having a bit of fat in them to round out the wine’s acidity… It will be beef if you’re not vegan, and something like an Indian-Spiced Pumpkin and Jackfruit Chili if you are. I went searching in my Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen cookbook for this one for you, published by Fairwinds Press.