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I searched on “What You Don’t Know About Bordeaux,” just out of curiosity, so see what I’ve been missing with bigger picture items. Up popped my friend Monique Soltani’s Website with that exact same name… Her Website is WineOh.tv, and I’ve been helping her along her way to becoming as famous as she can possibly be. And, there she was… filming in Bordeaux, asking that exact same question. Her video, also on YouTube, will be at the foot of this story. Let’s see what we don’t know about Bordeaux; first, though, Monique’s filming and learnings, and then others:

  1. Number one for me (just seeing the image of a mechanical harvester) is… I never even thought that old world Bordeaux would have a new world mechanical harvester. I’m very familiar with them, know that grapes are as gently removed as they can be, from their rachis (skeleton-like stem with its branches that hold grapes onto their respective cluster), and falling into bins.
  2. When we see the label Bordeaux, we immediately think that the wines are very expensive; when in fact, many Bordeaux wines are affordable and accessible to everyone.
    1. Many Bordeaux wines are made by small producers
    2. These wines make up many of the affordable ones.
  3. Vintners there feel that the region is underrated.
  4. Younger winemakers are striving to strike a balance between history and modernality; composed with the past’s traditions, they are also striving to develop modern techniques for their future generations.


According to: Wine for Normal People

  • It represents 38 percent of all still wine sold in the world.
    • Mon dieu, could this possibly be?
  • It is responsible for 55,000 jobs
    • Four out of 10 people are employed in the French wine industry
  • It is the largest exporter of AOC in France.
    • Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC)
    • This is translated as “controlled designation of origin”


Vivino Also Has Some Great Facts

  • 728 million bottles of Bordeaux are produced each year (6,066,666 million cases)
  • Yearly production is valued at $4.3 billion
  • A staggering 42 percent of Bordeaux wine is exported
  • 23 bottles of Bordeaux wine are sold every second throughout the world
  • China imports more Bordeaux than any other country


Various Sources

The Telegraph UK: Birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc: Sauvignon Blanc is an ancient variety thought to have originated in Bordeaux, before spreading to the Loire Valley and beyond. The first Sauvignon vines in America came from Bordeaux vine cuttings.

Bordeaux Fun Facts: In the ancient days, the Bordeaux region was famed for its white wine with over 80% of the land dedicated to the production of white wines like Sauternes, Barsac, Bordeaux Blanc and Graves. The transition to red occurred in the 1970s as Bordeaux’s signature red blend began to rise in popularity.

Venere Travel: Like a grandiose 17th century setting out of a fairytale book, Bordeaux has at least 5,000 uniquely-styled gothic-baroque inspired buildings which portray the region’s rich historical background.


WIKI: The City of Bordeaux

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site… In 1996, Mayor Alain Juppé of Bordeaux started a major regeneration of Bordeaux’s historic center and port. In July 2007, this renovation resulted in it being awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It appears that there is still a lot of info that many of us don’t know about Bordeaux. I’ll be continuing to peel away the layers of the lotus in 2016…


Credit to Millesima for inspiring me to learn about Bordeaux.