“We should have gone swimming, first…”

[What’s underlined below are the connective dots for which I’ll be remembering this 2015 Nik Weis Selection Urban Riesling Mosel. Try this system for remembering your wines, too. It works.]

We happily ended the evening, when Corinne said, “We should have gone swimming, first…”

Here’s how it all began.

It was a 100 degree day, on a mountainside in Geyserville. I had already been for a family swim in the lake. Jose and I had dinner plans with our friend Corinne Reichel for later in the day. We were going to be having a swim in her lap pool and then one of our communal dinners. What could be more perfect on a 100 degree day, right?

We arrived a bit late; she was also running late. A busy day for all – my swim included helping grandchildren to learn how to swim, so there was no leisurely floating. I was happy and exhausted. Jose had worked all day in the heat, and he was exhausted. Corinne had been running errands in the heat all day… ‘nuf said.

We all collapsed into her living room’s comfort and I said, I need some wine. Who’s with me? All of us.

I had just received a sample of the 2015 Nik Weis Selection Urban Riesling Mosel. I retrieved it from our dinner ingredients, unscrewed the cap, poured, and handed glasses all around. The wine was intended to accompany Jose’s grilled pork chops, Corinne’s grilled garden veggies, my big salad, and Corinne’s peach gallette.

Each of us then just focused on the Riesling.

Jose was the first to comment… “It’s been a while since I’ve had a really good Riesling, and it’s from Mosel.” Corinne: “It’s really good.” I said, “Yes, it really is good. Thoughts of the swim began to fade away. Tasting this wine was all we wanted to do. The touch of delicate sweet, like we find in sucking the sweet nectar from a tiny lilac flower, was the tip of the iceberg that threw us all into another realm. It was as refreshing and elegant as our surroundings. It had all of the classic old world character and charm, with its light body, 9.5 percent alcohol… No heat in this wine at all… Just pure pleasure and joy… And who would want anything more on this very hot day? Just a classic example of a wine company and a winemaker in complete harmony, right into our world of a complete harmonic dinner menu. Yes, we all but finished the bottle, before we could even get up and begin the next step.

Corrine asked, “Swim or dinner first?” I said, “Well, if we begin to swim now, I don’t know what time we’ll be eating.”

Food Won

Jose grilled, Corinne peeled and chopped, I created the big salad, and we were ready for dinner. The Riesling had left drops in each glass, so we each sipped the memory of energy recovery, and by the time we sat together on the outside deck to enjoy our food – at 8:00 p.m. – Jose announced, “Well, this is pretty European, to be having dinner 8ish, isn’t it?” Corinne offered a 2013 White Oak Pinot Noir to enjoy with dinner and we were all pretty jazzed about it. It was soft, elegant. This winery is an icon in Alexander Valley. It perfectly fit in and I’ll focus on this winery in the near future, now.

Can you see where the swim was headed?

We watched the sunset. I spotted Mars in the sky first. (It’s now really close to earth in its orbit.) Perfect wines for a perfect night… Instead of the swim, I couldn’t leave Corinne with a kitchen mess… We all had a busy Saturday coming up, and swimming had now lost its luster. But the Urban Riesling, The White Oak Pinot, Mars, our dinner, and the time spent with someone we love, hadn’t… Swimming could wait for another time. The pool wasn’t going anywhere. And Corinne said, “We should have gone swimming first,” half-heartedly. We all just laughed.

REGION EDUCATION from Urban: Region Mosel, Germany

Nik Weis, the proprietor and winemaker at St. Urbanshof estate carefully crafts this wine from non-estate vineyard sources of the highest quality. These vineyards are under the close supervision of Nik as is the winemaking for this wine. Grapes sourced from outlying areas with Blue Slate soils give this wine a unique quality and minerality along with the highly sought after balance of acidity and sweet juicy Riesling fruit. Taste it for yourself and you will see why The Wine Spectator gave prior vintages of this wine an 89 point review saying, “This is a great introduction to the range, offering fresh, clean apple, lime and floral notes matched to a light, elegant and juicy frame.”

Suggested retail is $11.99 per bottle. H.B. Wine Merchants is the importer.