Johannes Vermeer - Girl with a Pearl Earring -...

Johannes Vermeer – Girl with a Pearl Earring – WGA24666 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes it just hits you so right… A hot, late spring day (90ºF), you only want to eat light fare, and it has to be bubbles to make it all so refreshing… That was last night, as I reached for the newly arrived bottle of Champagne Forget-Brimont Brut Premier Cru.

Everything was right with the world.

I recently read that if one associates wine with an event, it’s very easy to recall the wine. This one won’t be forgotten any time soon. This sparkling wine is so smooth and sleek that – yup – enjoyed the bottle well into the night. It was so good that having any left over wasn’t an option.

He was watching a sports game; so there you go guys, who think you need beer for your games… And she was watching the movie Girl With a Pearl Earring. This real painting, by 17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, was made of crushed pearls. Imagine! It sold for next to nothing, which I find really remarkable, and so typical and tragic for many of the great masters … The pearl for my evening was having this totally delicious wine… copious tiny bubbles, like tiny little pearls ascending from their slumber. The flavors bust onto my palate and will forever be linked to the Girl With a Pearl Earring painting. both are true classics!

Congratulations to Forget-Brimont…

I let myself be transported by the magic of Forget-Brimont Premier and Grand Cru Champagne, just as your Website suggests.

House Forget-Brimont’s vineyards cover nearly 45 acres. They’re mostly located on the territories of the towns of the Montagne de Reims: Mailly-Champagne and Verzenay for the Grand Crus, and Chigny les Roses, Coulommes-la-Montagne, Ludes, Montbré, Sermiers, Taissy, Villers-Allerand and for the Premier Crus. Pinot Noir reigns supreme in this area!

Michel Forget is the sixth generation of the Forget family to carry on this family’s wine growing tradition. His ancestor, Louis, created the vineyards at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century. Since the year of 2000, Michel is associated with Frédéric Jorez.

The Quality is in the Bottle

(from their Website)
We are committed to integrated viticulture which respects our environment. Integrated viticulture practices include:

  • No anti-rot treatments or insecticides
  • No use of enzymes
  • No fining
  • No acids or soda used to clean the tanks
  • Minimal bi-sulfates
  • Use of pheromones against grape worms
  • Organic fertilizes and soil conditioners
  • Elimination of anti-botrytis treatments since 2000

This very special bottle of Champagne is a wonderful memory for me. Go make your own great memory and you’ll know how an ordinary evening just easily becomes extraordinary!

I’m also recommending that Champagne Forget-Brimont Brut will be perfect for any special occasions. As my wonderful grandfather Peter Bernier would say, C’est très magnifique…

Suggested retail is $59.99 per bottle. H.B. Wine Merchants is the importer.