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Will there ever be a day when I am headed to Israel to taste wines? I do know that they’re working hard to create a great Petite. Beyond that, I’m just plain ignorant, as very little has come to me in this regard. I can tell you that Kerry Damskey is a globe trotting winemaker; first going to India to help with winemaking at Sula Vineyards, and now to Israel.

I’m also a big fan of organic wines, so to get news about Israel’s Kosher Wine Trail, I responded that it would be a great topic to turn people on to. We can all explore the world together on this one. A tour was put together by ExploreIsrael.com and I was contacted.

So, here you are. Get back to me if you go on any tours. I’m betting that it will be one of the most fascinating visits of your lifetime.

ExploreIsrael.com ~ Given to me

The Golan Heights

The highest altitude wine region in Israel with vineyards and the most consistently good wines sourced from grapes from volcanic basalt soil.

The Golan Heights Winery

Now Israel’s third largest winery, the GHW has been rewarded with international recognition as one of the best wineries in the world – not just Israel. No single winery in Israel produces more quality wines to choose from.

Odem Mountain

The Alafasi family plays host at Israel’s most northern & highest altitude winery.

Dalton Winery

Dalton was the first commercial winery in the Galilee coming up on 20 years. They make a wide range of wines with typically good values at each price point in addition to their rare varietals.

Kishor Vineyard

This is possibly the nicest landscaped visitor center in a village with a social agenda to match the beauty of its scenery.
Winemaker David Bar-Ilan oversees both brands and his Tulip Syrah Reserve is one of the best Syrahs in Israel –  at a very competitive price.

Researched on their site, so maybe not Kosher, but still wine

Carmel Winery

Carmel Winery is one of the biggest wineries in Israel. Take a tour and learn about both ancient and modern winemaking methods. Tour includes a visit to the historic wine cellar as well as a short film. At the end of the tour you will sit down to taste some of the incredible wines.

Tishbi Winery

Coastal Plain ~ The Tishbi Winery is a family owned vineyard in Zichron Yaakov. Three generations of the Tishbi family have been working the land here and creating beautiful wines. Aside from their wines, they also have an olive orchard where they make olive oil and a chocolate factory.

Barkan Winery

Coastal Plain ~ With over 5,000 barrels, the Barkan winery is host to the biggest barrel hall in Israel. Barkan makes award winning wines using the most modern winemaking technology out there. They also spent time and effort creating a fabulous Visitor’s Center so if you are interested in learning about wine, this is a great place to include on your trip.

Binyamina Winery

Coastal Plain ~ The Binyamina winery was founded in 1952 and was one of the first wineries to grow grapes independently. In fact, David ben Gurion personally intervened on the winery’s behalf so they could grow their own grapes as opposed to workign through the Carmel Mizrachi cooperative.

Galil Winery North

Upper Galilee ~ The Galil Winery tour includes not just a tour but also an incredible view of the Upper Galilee. You will get to walk through each step of the winemaking process here from the the stainless steel container room, the state of the art press and the oak barrel room.