C’est dans l’ sac ~ Decadent Saint ~ What we love, the Winery

  • Two 12 ounce cans of “Refresher” Seltzer Water
  • 1 bottle of NV Ruffin Prosecco Sparkling Wine, Product of Italy
  • Decadent Saint
    • Batch 9, Bottle 902: Decadent Saint White Sangria
      • White Wine, Real Fruit, Fresh Spice
      • A Gold Medal Concetrate
      • Rocky Mountain Crafted
      • 20.5% Alc/vol
    • Batch 9, Bottle 902: Decadent Saint Fire or Ice Sangria
      • Red Wine, Real Fruit, Fresh Spice
      • Drink Hot or Cold
      • Rocky Mountain Crafted
      • 20.5% Alc/vol
    • Batch 9, Bottle 902: Decadent Saint Rocky Mountain Rescue
      • Red Wine, Dark Chocolate
      • Decaf Coffee, Berries and Spice
      • Rocky Mountain Crafted
      • 20.5% Alc/vol

What to do, what to do, what to do… Where do I start?

Yogi’s deja vu, all over again…

When I was reading the recipe on the bottle to Jose, it reminded him of prohibition days for home winemaking:

“After dissolving the brick [of grapes] in a gallon of water, do not place the liquid in a jug away in the cupboard for twenty days, because then it would turn into wine.”

Decadent Saint’s Recipe:

What makes decadent saint a bottled revolution? First ever 20.5% ABV wine-based concentrates. Just – add – water & each bottle makes 3-5 bottles of pure decadence.

In the process of reading the recipe, that memory for winemaking was triggered for the 1920s alcohol Prohibition, with today’s Prohibition being about hemp in most states. Since this beverage is crafted in Colorado, not from an illegal state, nor is it made from hemp – legal or not, the entire irony just made us laugh…

First to the PR person ~ Doug Brown of Bruno Red Star

Great job. You delivered what we used to deliver as a matter of fact; then the InterWeb turned everything upside down and backwards, and today this kind of box is:

  1. An anomaly
  2. A curiosity
  3. So rare an occasion that you got my immediate attention
  4. Deserves to be told, because you guys HAVE GUTS, and I know guts

A full press kit arrived. A boss gave this crew all of the time it needed to get the word out. This used to be my job – for what felt like a very long time, but really just a decade ago. You gave me all that I could use and more. And, these Decadent Saint beverages are all from Colorado… a high state in all of the legal senses now; geosiologically and metaphysically.

Which recipe to follow, which bottle to open.

I think that this is going to take a while, to do the entire arrival perfect justice. Since Jose and I were visiting with our friend Corinne Reichel, and I knew that dinner was going to involve beef, I chose the Batch 9, Bottle 902: Decadent Saint Fire or Ice Sangria, and followed the recipe on the bottle for the Decadent RED MIMOSA.

  • The bottles of Decadent Saint concentrates makes up to 3 to 5 bottles of beverages.
    • Just add water, bubbly waters, or sparkling wine
    • Our Decadent RED MIMOSA, I added 3 parts of the NV Ruffin Prosecco Sparkling Wine, and one part bubbly water for the three of us.
    • Stays fresh for months once opened.

Get ready for the alcohol, which is why it’s really important to make the mixes: 20.5% alcohol. The first sip was getting used to something new. The rest of my glass? Great sipping prior to dinner, finished mine, and thought, “How fun!” The flavors and spices are reminiscent of the last quarter of the years and those parties, but I won’t wait until they arrive again this year, before I get myself another glass to enjoy from this bottle.

Thinking ahead to the Batch 9, Bottle 902: Decadent Saint White Sangria… The summer parties are coming up and I say, “Bring back the punch bowls, everyone! We’ve got a winner here!” What a fun ride for college parties, graduations, wedding showers, beach parties, and the fourth of July!


Decadent Saint, the nation’s only producer of  wine-based craft concentrates today announced a coveted Double Gold medal win at the highly acclaimed Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (FLIWC).

The Double Gold was awarded to Decadent Saint’s White Sangria. A Double Gold at Finger Lakes equals a score of 99-100 points and means that every single judge who assessed the wine issued a Gold Medal score.

This news marks another milestone for the Boulder-based craft winery. All three Decadent Saint products have now won Gold in international competitions.

The flagship product, Decadent Saint Rocky Mountain Rescue makes a supreme “Black” or “White Russian,”  an alcoholic “Throwback Spiced Chocolate Soda,” as well as a hot mulled wine.

At 20.5% alc/vol, Decadent Saints are concentrates, made to be diluted with water, seltzer or champagne. One 750ML bottle makes 3-5 bottles, in terms of servings.

These beverages are leading the way for other companies to step outside of the box in a really unique way.