I love rock and roll. I’m a product of The Summer of Love and then working for rock station WBLM in the 80s. I’m deeply into it, because music is a universal language, and I hear it. Have you ever noticed that when music is playing somewhere, a child about the age of two can’t seem to help him or herself from dancing? When that child dances, we know exactly what that joy is about, no words need to be spoken; we understand.

Hold the phone, Henry!

Jose is working closely with Robert Biale Winery, and he turned me on to the fact that Tres Goetting, their winemaker, is in a band, and they’ll be performing at Bottle Rock 2016. Aha… This one is for you, Silverado Pickups! Break a leg.

It’s coming up this weekend, but it’s sold out, just so you know.

From their Silverado Pickups Website:

Band members and co-conspirators include Napa Valley wine Industry vets David Duncan of Silver Oak and Twomey Cellars (vocals and harmonica), Jeff Gargiulo of Gargiulo Vineyards (lead guitar), Shane Soldinger with Silver Trident Winery (vocals and guitar), Dan Zepponi of Valley of The Moon (lead guitar), winemaker Tres Goetting of Robert Biale Vineyards (bass guitar), professional percussionist Joe Shotwell, and notable wine-industry advisor Paul Hoffman (keyboards).