Austrian wines are really so delicious. Taste their wines, and you learn a bit about their culture. Their motto: arrive and revive. I’m sure that it has a lot to do with their mountains, for starters.

From the Austrian Info Website:

The miracle of Austria is that all of its wine regions are incredibly easy to visit. In fact, once you step off the plane in Vienna, you have already arrived in one of the world’s most unique wine regions.


  • Vienna ~ The only world capital which makes wine within the city limits.
  • Styria ~ in the south, South Styrian’s Wine Road (Südsteirische Weinstrasse) is often compared to Italy’s Tuscany.
  • Burgenland ~ the eastern part of the country, Burgenland sits on the edge of Central Europe’s vast Pannonian plain.

I recently received some Austrian wines to taste. Delicious and organic… Nothing makes me happier. For those who care for the land, who are working in concert with what’s right about farming, it makes the environmentalist inside of me so pleased. I’ve long been treating my body as a temple. I am what I eat and try really hard to be as clean as possible. (Sure I cheat, but not as often as I fast from foods laden with chemicals. If it’s in a box or can, I don’t eat it… except for occasional pastas from Europe.)

So, to deliver organic wines to my doorstep, thanks, Natural Merchants. They are a leading importer and distributor of the finest natural and organic foods, as well as organic and biodynamic wines. They source their products directly from the Mediterranean. Very cool… Never been there, but also very close.

2015 Biokult Österreich Rosé Secco

The wines that arrived are all spectacular. For today, I’m focusing on the 2015 Biokult Österreich Rosé Secco Organic Wine, made from organic, Austrian grapes. From Natural Wine Merchants’ Web page for this family.

The Michlits family is one of the most creative and influential organic wine growing families in Austria. Their products and their production methods are revolutionary for the region. Not only have they been able to understand and implement the use of non-trimmed vines in the region, but the use of biodynamic methods and the translation of these into new production standards are awe inspiring. The family owned cattle herd of over 50 Angus beef combined with organic/biodynamic wheat production are the most important tools to improve the soils and the vines that grow on them. Over the last few years the soils have been able to regain their original vigor and diversity.


This Biokult Secco, which I nearly gulped down, I highly recommend it. It’s like someone opened up all of the windows, after a long winter. A breath of fresh spring air flooded my senses, with a tiny zip in its step. Winemakers Angela Michlits, made this wine using Pinot Noir grapes. The appellation is from the Neusiedlersee, the lower region of Austria. Strawberries hit me first, and then a crisp, effervescent, tangy medium finish. It was all I needed with this delicious wine. I was very easy to enjoy…. Almost too easy, with its 11 percent alcohol, one doesn’t have to worry as much about that second glass. Very well balanced and an Old World style; if you find it, just stop in your tracks and bring it home. It’s going to be the crowd pleaser! It’s about $19 a bottle, and well worth every yummy drop.