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This morning, Cathy Huyghe – a brilliant journalist for Forbes (Harvard grad, et al) and an independent wine writer for “Hungy for wine” was at the Mobile X Festival 2016.

While attending, she wrote on Facebook and then quoted the following:

PR people’s greatest challenge, in this changing world: “The era of the press release is dead. No one reads or trusts them. It’s used just to improve search results.” D Busk, Coke ‪MobileXFestival

D Busk: Global Group Director – Digital Communications & Social Media at The Coca-Cola Company.

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Busk’s only got one brand in a limited supply of sodas… In wine, there are now over 10,000 spirits and wine brands in the world. This is what wine PR people are well aware of these days.

  • Distribution of press information is Act One.
  • Act Two is followed up with constant and consistent communications with others. It’s a slow process. Sticking with it – like I have with a client’s particular story – so I could talk the talk – eventually gets results.
  • If my client is a knitter, for instance, and I want to explain that process, besides wine, I have to learn to knit. (Well, I don’t, because I was once a prolific knitter, but you get my point, right?)

Finding those media people I can trust and meet the client’s standards is of the utmost importance to me.

At my current years of experience, I feel like I should get ahead of the pack, having already been there… but the field has become cluttered with PR wannabees, as well as new writers who also want to do it “their own way.” I have to filter all of that out, before someone in media is worthy of a client’s time and energy, never mind finally going through the process of writing the story.

Busk has just articulated the current climate really well. It’s hard to understand, unless it’s your day-to-day. I, for instance, don’t live through clients’ own experiences, either; so I have to try to imagine their nightmares, too… And, they do, when they share.

Yeah, I can’t send this story to my clients, but I can write a story about it, so I can sleep well at night.

This is at least one reason why I write on this blog, if anyone is interested.