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Let me begin by saying that the only formal study I’ve had with Gen Y, is raising three lovely daughters, observing them 24/7/365 at different levels of living, for however many years each one is old. Now, I observe each of them with her own family, and the children that are now coming from their generation. What you will read next are my life experiences and observations, as someone who has been there, done that, and is a writer.

It’s also interesting to note that in a return email, Brian simply wrote, “Amen.”

Jo hi,

A wine brand for Gen Y (as it happened).

Just published: http://bizcatalyst360.com/genesis-of-a-gen-y-brand/



So, I spent about 15 minutes digging around his multilayered issue and links, with a lot of study to back it up what he’s written. I wrote back to Brian. [A bit abbreviated)

Hi, Brian,

Thanks for reaching out.

Well, I’m impressed. Marketers are not ignoring Gen Y.

I recently attended an event hosted by the Wine Market Council. Research experts from Nielsen delivered a lot of information about how the Millennials have now just seen the final age in that group, which hit 21 years of age… For us, our legal drinking age. In the process, they’ve now passed the Baby Boomers in their consumption, too.  Typical for an individualistic society, now all of the attention is going to be focused on this demographic, probably to the exclusion of all else. Sigh…

So much navel gazing was going on by this group early on, as a private observation. As a wine publicist (since 1993, having started PR in 1983 in radio, first), the advent of the internet becoming Web 2.0 – interactive – announced every Millennial aspiring wine writer to break out and announce that [he or she] had arrived. I chuckled, because I was pretty seasoned, by the time this happened… And, I knew before they did, that this opportunity was going to happen. For me, knowing this happened through a college enrichment, business marketing class, by a couple of [prior] years. So, when it hit, I was prepared to just do it, as Nike likes to remind us. My blog began in December of 2005. Meanwhile, I watched the Millennials emerge as self-appointed experts, and I had to smile. What I had gone through to get where I was, and they thought that they had just jumped all of those growing pain, ladder rungs… in their own minds. Today, those who weren’t planning to be journalists have fallen away, attending to real careers, raising a new generation of their own children, and still tasting an occasional bottle of wine and declaring, “This wine is cool!” as a replacement for Robert Parker… Meanwhile, Robert Parker is hand selecting his own talented replacements, and they’re having tremendous success as his successors.

Millennials remind me of my generation’s need for an individualism revolution in the 1960s… a purpose for changing the norm… Where it was pot for us, it’s wine for this Millennial group, chanting, “it ain’t your daddy’s wine.”

We nursed our children [beginning in 19721, for me] and this became the norm with them, where my generation had to be the “freaks,” just to love their babies and not continue with my parents’ ideology of “children are to be seen and not heard, and – oh, yeah, here’s your bottle so I can disengage from you.” I believe – in living through my own childhood – that our country’s need to give returning soldiers jobs in all sectors – a washing machine in every home, blah, blah, blah, led to women having time, finding jobs (too) – along with TV’s multi media – has given birth to a generation who again, have returned to center stage and are making themselves be seen. They will repeat history, too, in a =similar cycle, also experiencing the same growing pains, with crystal wine glasses in their hands, instead of the sheepskin bag that my generations used.

I’ll get deeper into your take and get back to you, too.

You have an interesting career. Psychology is very much a part of PR, as you well know.

I’ll be using your information in a blog posting. I’m inspired.


Next, Brian Mitchell’s observation.