To Petite Sirah Stakeholders

“Why do YOU make a Petite Sirah?”

The answers are a tapestry revelation, each an important thread, woven into our magic carpet called Petite Sirah.

A. Toraño Family Vineyards ~ Art Toraño, Owner ~ Healdsburg

We make our Petite because it is one of the most delicious, unctuous, voluptuous, dark, spicy, structured and sexy varietals out there. That is why our Petite Sirah is called Salome, all those veils of flavor you could lose your head over.

ARATAS WINE ~ Stephanie Douglas, Vintner; Matt Sunseri, Winemaker ~ Napa Valley

Why do YOU make a Petite Sirah?    Where to begin…

Petite captures the very essence of its American heritage; determined withstanding and loyal over time. She plays well with others but is fiercely independent. She is a bold, ambitious pioneer in the modern world of wine.

I’ve long savored scare Petites made from the small vineyards of Napa Valley. Rare finds indeed as many are reserved for the magic touch that makes well known reds so special. I love Petite’s heritage, tenacity, its intrinsic age-ability and rich redolent soul.  I find it innately satisfying when paired along side the bold flavors found in today’s eclectic modern cuisine.

I make pure, unique Petite. There surely is an easier path to success but few are as rewarding as honoring one of the great guardsman who staked California’s claim in the new world of wine some 130 years ago.

Petite purrs like the exotic rare tiger coaxed from the brush through deliberate patience, and gentle tactility. It can simply leave you awestruck when a beautifully balanced, and oh so elusive, single vineyard Petite quietly crosses your path.

Denier-Handal Vineyards ~ Dick Handal ~ Dry Creek Valley

We started making it because, as winegrape growers first and wine makers second, from the replanting of our entire vineyard we found the Norton Clone PS we had planted was the BEST grape we produced.  Every time some would make wines from our PS grapes the wines won awards.  Finally when we could we decided to make our own to our own taste.  And, it worked!

Harney Lane Winery & Vineyard ~ Jorja Lerner, Family Member, Marketing ~ Lodi

Petite Sirah is part of our heritage here at Harney Lane Winery & Vineyards.  We’ve grown wine grapes for five generations here on the property, and Petite Sirah has been an important part of the mix.  In our fifth generation of winemaking, it’s important for us to include varieties that are an important part of our farming heritage.  In addition, we love the deep rich wines that Lodi Petite Sirah produces.  It’s become a customer favorite!

Heringer Estates Family Vineyards & Winery ~ Mike Heringer, Winemaker ~ Clarksburg

Initially we planted Petite Sirah here, because it was well known in the wine grape growing world that it grows exceptionally well in the Clarksburg Appellation. We’ve continued to develop and grow our Petite Sirah vineyards, because of the incredible quality of the wine we produce from the grapes. Award-winning and crowd-pleasing, our Petite Sirah is the flagship variety of our region and our winery!

Gustafson Family Vineyard ~ Dan Gustafson, President of P S I love You, Owner | Vintner ~ Dry Creek Valley

We planted our vineyard in 2004 with Zinfandel and Petite Sirah. Petite Sirah  has long been considered a great blending variety, lending its deep color and complex structure to Zinfandel. But I chose Petite Sirah for its quality as a stand- alone wine. It’s easy to grow in our vineyard at 1,800 feet, above Dry Creek Valley. It needs no help from other grapes to improve the wine. Of the ten wines we make, it’s our best seller. We’ve converted many Cab drinkers to Petite Sirah once they taste [it].

Klinker Brick Winery ~ Steve Felten, President ~ Lodi

Klinker Brick started making Petite Sirah to blend with its Old Vine Zinfandels. As Klinker Brick’s wine club grew, we started looking for other wines to offer to them. We have some incredible PS vineyards that make great wine. The 2013 Klinker Brick Petite Sirah received 92 points in Wine Enthusiast recently. We like inky, chewy, bigger the better wine and this one is it and our customers LOVE them.

Merisi Wines ~ Mandy Heldt Donovan, Owner and Winemaker~ Based in Napa

Merisi Wines are artistically inspired. Named after Michelangelo “Caravaggio” Merisi, who was also distinctive from his peers, my  wines are nurtured to showcase the real fruit. For me, Petite Sirah personifies this spirit- a grape both earthy and dramatic, its depth and texture contrasted with the bright spices on the nose produces a visceral physical and emotional response when experienced.

Robert Biale Vineyards ~ Dave Pramuk, Owner, Marketing Director~ Napa Valley

We love to make Petite Sirah because not only does it make incredible wine, we want to keep it going strong in Napa Valley where it was a mainstay for nearly a century.

The soils and growing conditions in Napa Valley are perfect for Petite and create wines that are deeply textured and layered with wonderful blue and black fruit character.

Biale is leading the way in the category – with vineyards in five Napa appellations: Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Chiles Valley and Oak Knoll.

Long live Petite!

Stanton Vineyards ~ Doug Stanton, Owner, Winemaker ~ St. Helena

In 1971, our Family moved from the suburbs of Los Angeles to the heart of Napa Valley. Being just 12 years old I was intrigued By the expansiveness of the surrounding vineyards, and earned a little extra cash pruning our old, head pruned Petite Sirah blocks. Later, when I was old enough to drink wine, I learned to appreciate the dense dark juice that this variety yielded. Now, as a vintner, I can enjoy 10 successful vintages and counting of Stanton Vineyards estate Petite Sirah!

Theopolis Vineyards ~ Theodora Lee, Owner ~ Yorkville Highlands of the Anderson Valley

Because Petite Sirah is a full bodied and bold wine with pepper and spice, similar to my own personal characteristics.