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Wine of the Week ~ Les Hauts de Lagarde 2015 Bordeaux Rose ~ partie trois

This sample came to me from Natural Merchants. I was asked if I’d taste Les Hauts de Lagarde’s 2015 Bordeaux, which is both organic and verified as NON GMO. If you don’t know me, I’ve been as organic as I can be, once – in the 60s – a “health food” store opened. It wasn’t so much about being “healthy” at that time. I just am. It was about staying with the foods I had been raised on. New fan-dangled fast food read as poison to me. And, here I’ve stayed as much as is humanly possible, in the organic zone… And now the GMO free zone.

Example: I begin each morning with a lemon, warm water cleanse, followed by The Republic of Tea’s Downton Abbey Rose Tea, with drops of Aswagandha and Schisandra liquid that I add each morning. I’m serious about what I put into my body, because we STILL are what we eat. Only then do I eat breakfast, after I get through this routine. I even bring it on the road with me, because you can’t order these herbs on the road and you can’t always get organic lemons.

So, organic wine? Bring it on, and so Natural Merchants did send samples to me. Admittedly, the bottle went down very easily. With just a touch of residual sugar, lightly sweetened rose petal flavors were like delicate kisses of sunshine. It filled my imagination with tons Asian foods popping into my mind… (Tempura lemon chicken, for instance.) I’m not a big fish person, but I know those who are, this wine with a delicate white fish? Oooo lala… Seems so appropriate.I highly recommend this wine as being super delicious!

Technical data:

Appellation: AOC Bordeaux (Right Bank*)
Varietal(s): 50% Merlot
40% Cabernet Sauvignon
8% Cabernet Franc
2% Malbec
Vineyard: Situated in Saint Laurent du Bois
Production Area: 86+ acres

Winemaker Lionel Raymond, Chateau de Lagarde

From the family:

The family property of the domaine du Château de Lagarde has been built up over the years by successive generations.Today, in order to look after our heritage, we propose to carry on using a special mixture of ancestral tradition and the most efficient technology.

In 2000, we tend to believe that it was fate which made Lionel Raymond purchase Château Joumes Fillon (an organic vineyard). Because of Lionel’s strong beliefs in the respect of environment and the terroir he decided to convert the whole vineyard (130 hectares) to organic agriculture.  It was a quite a bet, and most winemakers in the area thought he was pretty crazy. It is twice the work of a conventional vineyard.

Located in the Entre-Deux-Mers, not far from Bordeaux, our wines have grown in the villages of Saint-Laurent-du-Bois, Saint-Martial, Saint-Felix de Conclude since medieval times.

The different properties of the domaine benefit specific conditions: special orientation of the vineyards, composition of the soil, humidity, age of the vines…These conditions are refined during the winemaking allowing us to offer you a large range of products.

Over 20 people work in the vineyard and the cellars, and consistently looking for innovative techniques in terms of production, vintification with respect for the vines, soil and environment.

Our wines reflect our “savoir-faire.”


*Thank you Millesima CIE for the inspiration to learn more about Bordeaux this year. I hadn’t read the wine’s varietal composition, yet. If I had, I would have realized that it was a Right Bank Bordeaux, based on the fact that it was primarily Merlot. So I search and search until I got the a map and clearly found it’s location. Next time, I’ll check the wine’s varietal breakdown first, but I certainly had fun in the process of a teachable moment.

Wine of the Week ~ Les Hauts de Lagarde 2015 Bordeaux Rose, partie trois

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