Delicious, mysterious, and adventurous (for my palate)…  Sicilian flavors from Stemmari’s Nero D’Avola and Tenuta Rapitala Nuhar’s Pinot Nero. They were really enlightening and sumptuous…

As I tasted both the Nero D’Avola variety and a combination of Pinot Nero and Nero D’Avola wines, I was thinking how the Pinot Nero was a wine variety being enjoyed for the very first time… ever.

And, I loved both wines.

I’ve just documented another Wine Century Club moment with the Pinot Nero.:

Wine Century; are you in, yet?

The Wine Century Club is open to any adventurous soul; simply get started here.

It’s such an easy thing to do, and it’s a never ending adventurous journey… Once you hit that first Century, you’ll find yourself on your way to your second Century. It’s never ending, because there are so many varietal wine grapes available for us all to taste. When I began, I thought it would be a piece of cake. I hit a brick wall in the “60” category. Now, as I’ve persisted at keeping track (which is all you have to do, besides taste) my different wine varieties tasted has expanded to exactly 160.

The Wine(s) of the Week, brought to us by Sicily

2012 Tenuta Rapitala Nuhar Pinot Nero

Where they “grow passion,” the blend of this wine is 60 percent Pinot Nero and 40 percent Nero D’Avola: After pouring both glasses, this was the wine which began with a lighter body, so I’m listing it first, since we tasted it first. The European aromas and influences filled our kitchen with aromas of the countryside into the room. I envisioned women with scarfs wrapped around their heads and men enjoying mid afternoon cappuccinos at an outside cafe. Next came aromas of a wild raspberry patch, where I would stand as a kid on Sabattus Lake, picking and eating before returning to the water to spend the rest of the afternoon swimming with friends. From this wine, my mouth was filled with gorgeous red raspberry fruit and a delightful memory. It was just that wonderful. I highly recommend this one for your red wine drinking pleasure.

2013 Stemmari Nero D’Avola

Where we’ll find, “the art of living…”

“The Stemmari wines come from the splendid island of Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean.”  I’ve enjoyed Nero D’Avola in the past. It’s a very enjoyable wine. This one having three years on was very soft and inviting. The color reminded me of light colored garnet freesias; so bright and alluring. Aromas filled the Pinot glass bowl, delivering a richness of summer blackberries. I enjoyed flavors of edible lavender and wild violets. This wine has perfect medium bodied flavors and has a deliciously smooth finish. Without any coaxing at all, this could easily be a “house wine.” It could also become one for teaching your friends about wines from Sicily.

I’m not one for wasting the opportunities that come my way. So, after Jose and I enjoyed tasting both wines, we decided that since this one is 100 percent varietally Nero D’Avola, our neighbor and friend Greg could have this one. I had just opened these two bottles, and this was another teachable moment for Greg. I put the cork back into the bottle and brought it next door, to a very happy guy.

In the future

I look forward to studying Sicily and its wine in greater depth. These two “Tastes of Sicily” have left me wanting to know a lot more about this Mediterranean’s island’s wines, art, and culture… That’s a promise to myself.