Helping me with this blog story is my friend Jane Kettlewell of Creative Palate.  We share lots of stories back and forth, as we both get our jobs done. I’m on the west coast and she’s on the east… Talking about Super Bowl 50, Jane just shared her cat story with me. It sparked my blog alert…

Mr. Bigglesworth is famous for being a football loving feline. His intimates are permitted to call him Biggles or Biggs, and he has masses of character. Jane and her friends think of him as a dog in cat’s clothing. He’s Super friendly and playful. (Good for Super Bowl half time shenanigans.) He loves visitors and is fascinated with anyone at work. He follows cleaning ladies around the house, and has been known to watch all their contractors, too. He’s a curious busy body, not skittish like my own scaredy cat, and is getting ready for Super Bowl 50.

I decided to create a warm up show, featuring Mr. Bigglesworth. Since everyone is mad for Super Bowl 50, please meet one very cool cat… and his wine recommendations for Super Bowl 50. Mr. Bigglesworth is covering the whites, and tomorrow I’ll have two fabulous big and brawny red wines for Super Bowl 50, which I’ll be recommending. But, for today, let’s whet our palates with white wines…

The nice pic of Mr. Bigglesworth “with his bling and birthday cake on his second birthday,” according to Jane, shows him with a couple of really delicious white and an appetizer of pâté. Definitely for the she-she crowd. Let’s explore.

So, The Whites

2014 Trivento Amado Sur Chardonnay blend (Mendoza, Argentina, $15)

What a magical combination for a white wine blend: You think it, you taste it, and your dreams are realized. It’s 70 percent Chardonnay, 20 percent Pinot Grigio, 10 percent Viognier… (Burgundy, Italy, and the Rhone… Yeah, it’s that great of a trip.) Lemony, juicy pears, then the tropical fruit, which I associate with Viognier kicks in. Last evening I had Pork & Pearls at River Front Inn in Jenner… This wine would have rocked it… The dish had apricots and nectarine, with pearl quinoa in a fruit reduction sauce. It was soft and round, closing with complete satisfaction.  I’d buy this wine in a heartbeat.

Johannesburg Riesling is another great start for the pâté. Here’s Mr. Bigglesworth with a Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Kabinett. From their Website:

Composed of hand-harvested grapes from the single Schloss Johannisberg vineyard, this exceptional Riesling seduces with soft notes of white peach, stone fruit, citrus and passionfruit.  A singular Riesling with exceptional intensity, elegance and finesse.
REGION: Rheingau, Germany

APPELLATION: Rheingau – Single vineyard Schloss Johannisberg

VARIETY: 100% Riesling

And, here’s our coming attraction for tomorrow, with Mr. Bigglesworth.