Confessions of an emerging wine educator;

in Iambic pentameter

(da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da)

Bullet points give you the wine progression

When I was young and with my folks,

home was filled with colonial.

  • Manischewitz

Married, moved to Bangor, Maine,

where candles dripped on window panes.

  • Chianti in baskets

Graduation meant moving back,

and yet another chance to pack.

  • Mateus

And finding that divorce was real,

unpacking was a big ordeal.

  • Herb

Life began anew on a lake,

and finding wine shops? Piece of cake.

  • Merlot – “Every bottle is a good wine for the money” he said.

We moved to Cali-for-ni-a,

where wine was flowing, a-o-kay.

  • Belvedere Winery, Grove Street Winery, Barefoot Cellars, Robert Mondavi Winery, Ironstone Vineyards, and Kendall-Jackson (samples from employers)

A Windsor move to home office,

brought on Petite for wine’s full bliss.

  • Petite, Petite, Petite, Petite, Petite

Our pipes did burst to flood the house…

finding storage for what was doused.

  • What wasn’t doused 

Reenter home to say goodbye.

No need to moan, no need to sigh.

Just wishing that I was more free,

more like DJ J.J. Jeffery.

He moved from one place to the next,

inflatable furniture flex.

  • Imports from Chile, France, Argentina, from all over the world, really…

I’ve emerged more educated.

Now what I crave forever more

  • Is inflatable furniture… 
  • on the floor