A book is like a garden carried in the pocket –Chinese Proverb p. 154

We all need mentors, whether employed or self employed. I can list every single one of mine, who are related to the wine business. and from previous life incarnation. And I’m betting that you can, too. The need for expert counsel never stops. In Harvey Mackay’s book, Swim With The Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive, Harvey gives us advice that whenever possible, never cold call; if you know someone who knows someone, pick up the phone and ask for an introduction.

This is how success works.

Have you ever actively thought about pursuing mentors? I haven’t, until I read the following book. Having mentors is one thing, for me. Targeting people? What an interesting concept. I’m really independent, so I haven’t ever pursued actually targeting people. I have this thing about Karma; but, I’ve never set about trying to set up my own Damara. I now think differently. Why not propel some projects, I came away thinking? This is how Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold will make you think in their book.

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Finding Your Mentor

Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold have co-authored many books. They’re all great reading, as each one carefully guides people to achieve their greatest potential.

  • A Zentrepreneur’s Guide ~ success at life: How to Catch and Live Your Dream (2001)
  • Tea Chings: The Tea and Herb Companion (2002)
  • A Zentrepreneur’s Guide ~dragon spirit: How to Self-Market Your Dream (2003)
  • Wowisms: Words of Wisdom for Dreamers and Doers (Zentrepreneur Guides, 2003)
  • A Zentrepreneur’s Guide ~tiger heart, tiger mind: How to Empower Your Dream (2004)

It’s in the success at life: How to Catch and Live Your Dream, the authors take you through a process of what will have you succeeding.

Excerpts from Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold’s A Zentrepreneur’s Guide: success at life. If you take these nuggets to heart, your world will greatly expand in positive ways… and get a coy for a lot more inspiration, turning 2016 in 2000 and sweet 16.

  • Years wrinkle the skin, but to live without passion, well, that wrinkles the soul. p.29
  • The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white.–Lao Tzu  p.38
  • Regarding finding a mentor:
    • …when you were a kid… You knew that when your parents finally took the training wheels off your bike and you went wobbly down the walk for the first time on two wheels, fell off, and scraped your knees, you knew that it meant nothing. You knew that the deal was that you got back up on the thing and tried again and again, and in time you were out riding with your friends like the wind. And the same applies here. Failing to catch and live your dream doesn’t result from falling down, but rather from staying down. p.65, 66
  • We’ve got secrets. Secrets that we’ve shared with you these many pages, with the impassioned hope that you will share what you’ve learned with others who seek an inward light through a shadow of change. p. 142

When people, as gifted and talented as Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold, want to make the world a better place by giving people the tools to enrich their lives (and in this case it is I who received the benefits with their book), you’ve just got to go for it.

Their books are all available for purchase through all websites that sell books.