Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey ~ Super Soul Sunday

Dear Oprah,

Thank you for having your Super Soul Sunday show on SuperSoul.tv.

Thank you for also having your 11 Life-Transforming Talks from Spiritual Thought Leaders, Change Makers and Wisdom Teachers.

I’m not sure where Dr. Tom Pinkson would best serve your audience, but I know that you will decide what’s best.

I’m compelled to turn you on to Tom Pinkson, Ph.D., because he is someone very extraordinary, with a very specific area of expertise. With the onset of the aging baby boomer population, what Tom has to offer is critical for your viewers.

Let me please state: While I am a publicist, Tom Pinkson is not one of my wine clients. Tom is a new friend. I only represent the wine industry.

Tom Pinkson Ph.D., a transpersonal psychologist, is in the business of helping souls exit stage right with dignity and respect; of reminding us of how to live, so that we may also understand and appreciate our own exit strategy (and the process of others).

When I read his book Fruitful Aging, Finding The Gold In The Golden Years, however, I realized that his message is so important that he needs to be spreading the word with the largest audience available. The Oprah Bump would serve humanity in so many regards, and in such a timely way that humanity would be well served.

My Fruitful Aging, link above will take you to my own blog post… a book report, if you will.

Dr. Tom Herington has said of Tom and his Fruitful Aging book:

The valuable guidance in this book is presented in a way that leads inspiration to both journey and sojourner alike. I am grateful for the light that Tom shines ahead onto a mysterious path and I am grateful for his inspiration to keep moving forward in a good way, one step at a time.”

Tom Pinkson’s fascinating life journey:

  • Clinical psychologist
    • Has observed countless patients and clients confront the challenges of aging
    • Worked for 32 years with terminally ill children at the Center of Attitudinal Healing in California
    • Successfully integrated the wisdom teachings of the Mexican Huichol natives, and other spiritual teachers, into the world of the practicing psychologist
    • The founder of Wakan, a nonprofit organization committed to restoring the sacred in daily life
  • Ceremonial retreat and vision-fast leader
    • Sacred storyteller
    • Musician
  • He developed a successful nationally recognized wilderness treatment modality for heroin addicts in 1972, that included mountain climbing and shamanic vision questing
    • Ski touring in a glorious Sierra snowstorm
  • In 2010, Tom helped to start the first at-home Hospice in the US. At the time, there was only one other hospice in the US; Tom’s has the distinction of being the first at-home hospice.
  • Tom created Recognition Rites for A New Vision of Aging: Honoring Elders

On the Nierica Website:

Tom [“tomás”] has studied with indigenous elders around the world for over 35 years and utilizes shamanism and indigenous wisdom ways and attitudinal healing in his work helping people from all walks of life ―individuals, groups, business and corporate executives seeking ways to bring spirit into their companies, to find their heart path and the power to walk it to “completion”, right into the death of their physical bodies and their return “home” into Spirit.

Not only is Tom an interesting leader, but his humility allows for his gifts to completely shine through, without any clutter.

He’s our gift to the universe; something that you and I can both say we’ve shared. I look forward  to your interview with “tomás.”

When you give me a green light, I’ll have his book sent to an address that you’ve given to me. I look forward to hearing from you. When you email me, don’t worry about my spam filter. I’ll approve you.

Thanks, Oprah.

Sincerely yours,


Jo Diaz

P.S. I will also be sending a letter to you.

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