An Extraordinary Man Is Recognized: The Republic of Tea’s Ron Rubin has been named to Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame…

As his wine publicist, I was part of the first line of learning, then part of the distribution, and also provided some insights for copy about his continued commitment of excellence through his Rubin Family of Wines. Ron Rubin has the same commitment to excellence, which has segued into the wine business, as well. Ron is very precise about all aspects of the quality for what he attaches his passions. And, it happens to be all aspects of the beverage industry…

Having been raised in Southern Illinois by a father who was a wine, beer, and spirits wholesaler, then inheriting the reins, Ron’s lifetime work has been dedicated to quality beverages. And in the case of the Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame, the food is liquid… as in Tea.

Just as wine is a liquid food, I know that his wine brands are also being produced as top of the line.

When Ron Rubin’s enduring work ethic expanded into the wine industry, he brought with him the same emphasis on quality and reasonable prices. A man of eternal empathy, Ron believes that all people deserve a beautiful experience with all of his beverages. This is what makes him a beverage industry leader, and why he was so recently honored.

Case in Point

The 2012 Ron Rubin Green Valley of Russian River Valley – the inaugural wine with his name on, went on to earn eight GOLD medals

In the press release created:

The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas and herbs, is proud to announce that Minister of Tea Ron Rubin was selected as a 2016 inductee into the Specialty Food Association (SFA) Hall of Fame. Rubin will be honored for his many industry achievements during the Hall of Fame Ceremony and Leadership Awards at the SFA’s Winter Fancy Foods Show on January 18, 2016, in San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

According to the SFA, the Specialty Food Association Hall of Fame’s goal is to “honor individuals whose accomplishments, impact, contributions, innovations, and successes within the specialty food industry deserve praise and recognition.”

“I am honored and humbled to be selected for the Specialty Food Association’s Hall of Fame,” said Rubin.

Rubin’s life has been dedicated to innovation, stewardship, education, and philanthropy. A successful entrepreneur, he sparked a specialty Tea Revolution when he purchased The Republic of Tea in 1994. Since then he has been on a mission to promote the “Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp” lifestyle, enriching the lives of Citizens everywhere with more than 300 exquisite and award-winning tea and tea-inspired products, including unsweetened varietal glass bottled iced teas for fine restaurants, Be Well Red® Teas, SuperHerb® Teas, HiCAF® Teas, a line of Downton Abbey® Teas, exclusive Stir Fry Tea Oil, motivational business books and tea ware.

Under his leadership, The Republic of Tea has been named as one of the “Best Places to Work” by both Outside Magazine and North Bay Business Journal. The brand has remained committed to social responsibility, mindful of how its actions impact the greater community and actively supporting worthy organizations. Examples of The Republic of Tea’s commitment to philanthropy are the following: Action Against Hunger, The Ethical Tea Partnership, The Prostate Cancer Foundation, and The Whole Planet Foundation.

His enduring work ethic also expanded into the wine industry, where he runs The Rubin Family of Wines with the same emphasis on quality and accessibility as The Republic of Tea.

In 2015, on The Republic of Tea’s 23rd anniversary, Ron Rubin welcomed his son Todd as the next President of The Republic of Tea. Ron is now the Executive Chairman and continues to serve as Minister of Tea while Todd manages the day-to-day operations of the company.
I, too, am so honored, to have met this very special man, and to have worked with him for the past three years in wine.

Congratulations, Ron Rubin! You are so deserving.