I’m very familiar with American Ag Credit. They’re exemplary when it comes to supporting the farming community (which includes viticulture). The agriculture credit company has an acute understanding of how important it is to not only enrich the present generation of farmers, but to also guarantee that future farmers are provided with enrichment opportunities, too.

Reading a current press released inspired me to blog about something very abstract for wine consumers. But, since I also write about the wine business, this current press release got me to thinking…

This is important information for every student and future student. Agriculture parents are reading this blog, and someone will be very happy to learn of this.

Under Special Programs, American Ag Credit offers the following, about their program and from their America AgCredit:

To increase support for future farmers and ranchers, American AgCredit offers up to $80,000 in college scholarships throughout its territory to high school seniors going on to college, community college transfer students moving to a 4-year accredited university, and college juniors and seniors.

Each region is allocated $10,000, with the minimum scholarship amount of $1,000 per student. These merit-based scholarships are open to anyone studying or intending to work in the field of agriculture.

Here are the types of scholarships available

American AgCredit supports for general agriculture studies; agriculturally-related course work such as veterinary care, animal husbandry, and watershed development; and fields such as accounting, marketing or business degrees with a focus on agriculture or farming/ranching.

Three categories of students can apply:

  1. High school senior going to 4-year accredited university to study agriculture, or an agriculture-related field
  2. Community college student transferring to a 4-year accredited university to study agriculture, or an agriculturally-related field
  3. College junior or senior attending a 4-year accredited university graduating with a degree in agriculture, or an agriculturally-related field

The minimum scholarship amount is $1,000. There is no maximum amount or limited number of scholarship outside of the terms already listed. For example, the entire budget can be given to one student or any number of students.

Check out this page for program details; for instance, scholarships can be offered in a variety of ways.

It’s important to read the page, for complete understanding, before you begin. Each region is responsible for developing its own program, while creating relationships and alliances with local colleges, farm bureaus, and other education-related organizations. This site has all localities listed, so begin the process, by reading their page, and beginning your journey.

Good luck to you!