When you want something this season that’s NOT wine, but wine related

I’m ever thankful that Ron Rubin of The Republic of Tea contacted me three years ago… My life (via Diaz Communications) took an upswing. Not only had Ron been in the tea business for a couple of decades at the time, but he had (and still is) also spent his entire life in the beverage industry.

Ron Rubin was born into a Chicago wholesale company, worked for the family, got an education (that involved UC Davis, as well earning his business degree), and then held the master license for Clearly Canadian. A voracious reader, when Ron Rubin read The Republic of Tea: How an Idea Becomes a Business, by Mel Ziegler and Patricia Ziegler, the original owners of The Republic of Tea, he next became the new owners of what we internally refer to as TR0T (The Republic of Tea).

I have never seen someone innovate as much as this gentleman. And, he’s done it in such a way that he’s received many awards along the way. (But, that’s another story, which I’ll also be telling, but for now…) I just want to turn you onto what my blog title says, “When you want something this season that’s NOT wine, but wine related,” reach for what I’m enjoying right now, as I prepare for next week’s Holiday mayhem.

I enjoy wine as much as my colleagues in wine; I’m not one for over indulging… I’m now sipping Sonoma Mulled Zin Hot Tea. It’s made from fine wine grape skins, with cinnamon, ginger, and orange. And, it’s so delicious. Each tea bag steeps a quart of tea. I just make a pot and then sip the rest throughout the day (and even into the next, right now). Jose shares it with me, as will anyone else showing up on my door step right now. It’s so reminiscent of holidays past, and this new product has me setting down a new tradition as well.

This past May, Ron retired his position with The Republic of Tea, for two reasons:

  • Succession: His son Todd Rubin, who had also been a primary for years, was now ready to take the helm.
  • The Rubin Family of Wines is Ron’s fairly new project, and this is where Diaz Communications came in to help as his PR/marketing consultants.

Still, it’s not easy stop separating from what’s new and exciting at The Republic of Tea, as we focus our efforts the wine side. When a tea product is made from a wine byproduct, I’m interested.

Sipping through the holidays has never been so delicious. The Christmas holiday celebrating just became more meaningful, as I love tea as much as I love wine…

Merry Christmas!


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