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Great Holiday Gift for Your Wine Lovers

Want to really impress your wine lover this holiday season? A membership to the original Wine of the Month Club might make that just so easy… This is an image of what I received.

I was amazed, when this package arrived. I responded to Wine of the Month Club, when asked if I would consider writing a story about their wine Club. I said sure, I wanted to know what the experience was like. I was definitely wowed! Perhaps it’s because this is the nation’s oldest, mail-order wine club starting in 1972, well ahead of the pack? At this point, they just know how to do it right, from lots of practice and with many different angles.

About the club:

Wine of the Month Club has a clear focus: Membership is free, you can cancel at anytime, and shipments have a detailed newsletter of the wine, along with their tasting notes. The club specializes in flavorful wines that have a great value, with their selections being made by proprietor Paul Kalemkiarian. Paul’s process for choosing the wines to be shipped is demanding. He  samples about 250 wines a month. In a quote gathered by wine writer Katie Bell of Forbes: “All of the wines we sell are available somewhere other than just on our site; it’s my job to find wines of quality and value and send them to members. And, you never pay for a wine you don’t like in our club.”

The advantages I see for a membership to Wine of the Month Club for you or your gift recipient(s):

  • Great gift for family and friend wine lovers, who might even be hard to shop for.
  • Be turned onto new brands.
  • Be turned onto new varieties.
  • Learn about and taste new regions.
    • I don’t believe I’ve ever had a Yolo County wine. (My spell check reaffirms that one.)
    • Where is Zillah WA? (Current Population for the City of Zillah: 3,140)
  • Save from having to run out for wines.
  • Different levels of membership, allowing you to pick what works for you or your gift recipient.

This Treasure Vintage package introduced me to six new wine brands, which I have yet to come across in my busy wine life (value of $110):

  • 2013 Soulstruck Sauvignon Blanc, produced by Babcock Winery, Santa Barbara County
  • 2013 Reserva de los Andes Malbec, Mendoza Argentina
  • 2012 Malbec, Yolo County, produced by JL Giguiere, Zamora CA
  • 2013 Painted Van California Chardonnay, produced by Van Cellars, Madera CA
  • 2012 Wheelhouse Wine Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon, Graton CA
  • 2012 Hyatt Vineyards Riesling, Rattlesnake Hills, produced by Zillah WA

Accessories were also included in the decorative wooden box: a cork screw (something that wine lovers can’t live without) and pouring discs (every pro’s favorite at large events, when being tidy counts big time).

I have a son, married to one of my daughters. He’s a 6’4″ manly man, and works very hard to support his small family (two sons, one is four and our second grandson is not quite two years old). “They’re a handful,” said Nana. (I didn’t give birth to boys, so I’ve had to learn about them from the men who have married my daughters and the grandchildren that they’ve given to us.) Jamal’s a big guy, really artistic, and this box just seemed like a perfect gift for him. Not for the holidays, mind you… I’d feel like I cheated… But just a surprise gift, just as I was impressed with the presentation, before I even opened the treasure chest.

If Jose and I didn’t already have so much wine in our lives, I would have eagerly stocked our fridge and been ready to roll. Instead, I’m going to share the joy that was shared with me. (When Jamal met me for the first time, he brought flowers and continues to do that to this day, years later. It’s a pleasure to share with him.) Jose also asked for one of the bottles before it was gone, because I’m the one getting samples… He needed just one take-away. Okay,  but the accessories must now also go to Jamal, to fill the sixth slot.

I highly recommend this wine club. There are so many advantages and it’s really exciting to have that box arrive. And then to have it all be so impressive, is the cherry on top. What a great gift it will be for that winelover in your life… Or, maybe it’s just time to give yourself a gift…

…like my Aunt Edith used to do every Christmas. She knew how to live, and left us saying, “I’m going now…. ha ha ha ha ha ha……. as she trailed off…” Some memories are so worth cherishing.

A Wine of the Month Club gift will surely be one of those favorite memories for whomever receives your gift.

Happy holidays, friends, whatever your celebration might be. Make it the best yet!

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